11 Signs You Need To Ditch Paleo

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You could say that I’m known as an anti-diet crusader. However, people often assume this means that I’m all about the cupcakes (cue another annoying Meghan Trainor parody) and that I’m against certain eating plans, like Paleo or Real Food or GET SHREDDED … Read More

Why It’s Not Always About Food

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Today, you have the pleasure of meeting my kick-ass partner-in-crime/work-wife, Sarah Ramsden.   Sarah and I became fast friends when we found one another through a social media nutritionist’s group. We quickly realized that we were likely separated at birth… … Read More

Stop being so good

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Confession: I am a recovering perfectionist.   I still suffer from relapses. The other day I set aside time to do something that was important to my baby {known as my business} and I felt so much resistance towards doing … Read More