Are you in an abusive relationship and you don’t even know it?

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Are you letting something in your life make you feel less confident, belittled or like a failure?  Does it control your actions and dictate the decisions in your life?  Does it make you feel guilty and ashamed?  Do you feel your achievements are worthless because you’re not receiving the support that you deserve?


You might think, “this does not apply to me.”  Think harder…


I’m not talking about another person.


I’m talking about your scale.


If you wouldn’t let someone in your life treat you this way, then why are you allowing an inanimate object to do this to you?


If the same message came from a person, what would you do?  I hope your answer is: “kick it to the curb, gurlfriend!”


Just because it’s not coming from a human, does not make it acceptable.


Why are you allowing something in your life to treat you this way?


Get rid of it.  Smash it.  Kick it to the curb.


Once you relieve yourself of this dysfunctional relationship you can start to live freely, happily and confidently.


Don’t let a cheap piece of metal or glass (I don’t recommend smashing the glass scales) define your self-worth, tell you what to do or make you feel like a failure.