Why It’s Not Always About Food

SummerHealth, S&STV

Today, you have the pleasure of meeting my kick-ass partner-in-crime/work-wife, Sarah Ramsden.


Sarah and I became fast friends when we found one another through a social media nutritionist’s group. We quickly realized that we were likely separated at birth… from our habit of writing each other the exact same email at the exact same time, to our identical lip-gloss collection and hatred of poutine (Canadian blasphemy!). We always say we share the same brain. She would totally play my twin in the Parent Trap.


However, we have very different histories. Sarah’s reasons for getting into nutrition involve a brain tumour, multiple sclerosis and saying F-U to living a life defined by a diagnosis. This is her story of how she realized that health and happiness are more than just food.


In this episode of S&STV, Sarah tells her incredible story and how she channels this into her business. As Sarah said, “prepare to be punched with a fistful of perspective”. 



You can read more about Sarah’s story here.


If you know someone suffering from a chronic disease, please share this with them. You don’t need to live your life defined by your disease and Sarah is living proof that this is possible.


Definitely check out Sarah’s website (sign-up for her updates!) and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Be Smashing!