What if your “perfect” body
Was the one
you’re in today?

What if your perfect body was the one you're in today?

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Just Think, YOUR confidence…

…wouldn’t be measured by the number on the scale, the food you eat or some ridiculous “ideal”

You wouldn’t care about what other people think of you because you know you’re a bold, brilliant and fiercely passionate woman who can do and say anything.

And you would have so much more energy to focus on things that will truly make your life rock.

The Truth Is, You Can Have a positive body image

You already ARE that fiery, badass woman you want to be. You just need to coax her out to play, and I can show you how.

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I’m Summer Innanen, Body Image Coach.

I struggled with body shame for SO many years. Trust me, I’d tried everything under the sun, only to end up stuck in an endless cycle of sabotage and self-hatred.

It wasn’t until I remodeled my brain instead of my plate, that I was able to wink at my reflection in the mirror, eat whatever I want and feel like at home in my body.

Now I teach other people how to feel the same so they can STOP having “I feel gross” days and start feeling comfortable and confident in their bodies. I also teach other professionals how to work with clients around body image through the Body Image Coach Certification program.

More About Me

Don’t Let Your Jean Size Dictate Your Self Worth.

Get the FREE Body Confidence Makeover: A 10-Day Challenge to Help You Feel Comfortable In Your Body And Release Your Inner Badass.

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    “The changes I’ve experience have been so drastic and wonderful that I almost can’t believe it’s real. For the first time in my life I’ve begun to accept who I am. My mindset has changed beyond compare. The way I feel when I get dressed, the way I feel when I choose what to eat at a restaurant, my level of joy and confidence! Summer helped me get here! Don’t put off loving who you are for another moment! There isn’t going to be a better time than today!”Erin
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    “Don’t walk—CARTWHEEL—to hire this girl. She won’t just change your mindset. She’ll change your life. I seriously eat whatever the hell I want (something I thought Summer was joking about) and there’s no more guilt associated with food.”Janine
Eat the rules with Summer Innanen

Eat the rules.

A podcast dedicated to all things body image, self-worth and confidence through an intersectional feminist lens.

Tune in to hear me share practical advice, not-so-PG-rated rants and interviews with leading experts in body image, the anti-diet movement, self-help and feminism.

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“I’d rate Summer’s podcast in the top 10 of “stuff that has really impacted my life for the better.” I listen to it almost every morning, and I feel so much more at peace with my body and my life since finding her. When she says she provides “practical advice” she isn’t kidding. Hang on to your seats because your life is about to get rocked in a very profound way. Thank you, Summer, for being fearless and sharing your message!”Lyddie – iTunes Customer Review

If you’re ready to stop hiding behind the number on the scale and live out loud,

then I’ve got your backstage pass to the freedom you’ve been craving. Let’s do this!

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