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Who are SICK of letting the numbers on your scale, the size of your jeans, or the food you eat dictate your self-worth and hold you back from living life to the fullest.

The negative thoughts you have about your body are not your fault. The Soul Sucker™ that is diet culture has us obsessing over fixing ourselves and it’s draining our time and energy.

It’s time to reject those rules, break free of societal standards and put that energy into things that really matter. The things that will actually change your life.

That’s where I come into play.

VIP Private Coaching with Summer Innanen Logo

Hi– I’m Summer Innanen, professionally trained coach through the internationally renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI), specializing in body image, self-worth and confidence, and best-selling author of Body Image Remix.

I’ve also completed The Playing Big Facilitator’s Training by women’s leadership expert, Tara Mohr, where I mastered coaching techniques to help women overcome self-doubt and fear.

With my ongoing and individualized support, I’ll equip you with the specific tools you need to make radical shifts that will have you feeling GOOD in your body, eating food effortlessly and letting the badass inside of you take centrestage.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to…

Feel comfortable in your body, silence the negative voice in your head

that picks on your “flaws” and finally ditch the belief that everything would be perfect if you lost weight.

Feel a solid sense of confidence in who you are

so that you’re no longer comparing yourself to other women and judging yourself worse than TMZ criticizes celebrities.

Discover who you are outside of your appearance and spend more time on what’s truly important

now that you’re no longer wasting time fixating on your weight, how much food you ate, whether or not you worked out or if people can see your muffin top through your shirt.

Stop letting other people’s opinions and your weight dictate every aspect of your life

because you know your worth does NOT depend on what your body looks like, how clean your house is, how “productive” you are or whether you appear to “have it all together.”

Learn to eat like a “normal” person

and be one of those people that forgets about the ice cream in your freezer (yes, even you!)

Be able to eat food and make movement choices

because you want to, NOT because you’re punishing yourself or making up for “guilty pleasures.”

The Truth Is

The only reason you go totally AWOL around food is because diet culture has taught you that you can’t trust your body and that it’s not good enough.

And THIS is why my VIP Private Coaching is all about breaking the rules and blowing up these BS beliefs.

So you can stop feeling bad about your body and START unleashing the badass woman within.

When we learn to relinquish our control around food and stop thinking about our weight, we can learn how to live an awesome life without driving ourselves bat-shit crazy. (Really!)

  • Headshot of Katy
    “I’ve spent the last 25 years of my life very preoccupied with food and my weight along with a lot of negative self-talk about my behaviors and around food. Within weeks I could feel myself relaxing around food and feeling more confident in myself. Summer’s coaching has set me free from dieting and left me with the mental space to really enjoy my life with some new found confidence.”Katy
  • Headshot of Celeste
    “For the first time in my life I no longer feel restricted and I’m able to enjoy food again and no longer binge. I’m happy and living again – hiking, wearing a bikini, going out with friends and wearing exercise pants. The ugly person inside of my has been purged.”Celeste
  • Headshot of Jamie
    “Before working with Summer, I felt like I couldn’t lose weight no matter what diet I did. I hated my body and felt like I couldn’t win. I felt out of control. I have noticed so many positive changes since working with Summer – I have truly transformed the way I think about myself, my body, and food in the best way possible! I can’t recommend Summer’s coaching enough!”Jamie
  • “I am a new person. I love and respect my body, have broken free from the calorie counting, fitspo prison I was in, and have genuinely fallen in love with exercise again. Summer has truly changed my life!”Jessie

Here’s What Your VIP Private Coaching Package Includes

4 Months of Private One-On-One Coaching

I only take a limited number of private clients on at once and you’ll have my FULL attention and guidance over the 4-month period. Here’s how the 4 months will go down:

60-Minute Initial Consultation

We’ll start with an initial consultation to peel back the layers of your “food and body story” and talk about your mindset and the beliefs that hold you back. You’ll get specific practices and tools to crack your biggest challenges and barriers from day one.

7×45-minute follow-up coaching sessions

We’ll meet biweekly for 4 whole months to dive deep into what’s at the root of your body image, self-worth and food woes, and you’ll get customized coaching, action steps, accountability, and virtual high-fives from yours truly.

Take-Home Tools and Practices, Customized Specifically for YOU

This is where the magic happens! Whether your biggest hold-ups are related to body image, self-doubt, fear, comparing yourself to other women, binging, self-care or trying to figure out who you are outside of food and fitness, we’ll do specific coaching exercises to deal with each and every one of these.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited email support, plus weekly email check-ins to make sure you’re werking it. I’ll be there to put out those I-had-a-mirror-meltdown fires and give you a little tough love when called for. I’m here for you every step of the way.

  • Headshot of Michele
    “In truly giving myself permission to eat anything I want, I have taken away food’s power. Food is just food. In giving myself permission to love and accept me as I am, I have gained peace. I am seeing my body for its strengths and uniqueness. My weight does not define me. I am so much more. I am me. I am strong, capable, kind, funny and worthy.”Michele
  • Headshot of Elizabeth
    “I wanted a calm peace when it came to my body and food. And with Summer I was able to find it. –I am so much freer now. I would recommend the help and coaching of Summer to anyone struggling with body image. The money I spent was a pittance in comparison to the heartache I was paying for each and every moment every day.”Elizabeth
  • “Before working with Summer I felt out of control around food. I was stuck in the diet/binge cycle big time and felt that I needed to achieve a certain look externally in order to be worthy of taking up space in this world. Through my work with Summer, I have forever changed my views on what it means to be worthy of love and what it means to be beautiful. I would hire Summer again in a heartbeat!”Nicole
  • “Summer turned me around. I was in a dark place with my food and body before working with her. Summer taught me amazing tools to help me create a more loving approach to my body and food. I loved that she made me feel comfortable and that I could be totally honest with her. I never felt judged and she made this journey more fun.”Steph
VIP Private Coaching with Summer Innanen Logo

Your investment is $2200 USD or 4 monthly payments of $550.

Ready to rock?

Click here to fill out the form to get in touch and find out if I have availability.

Still not sure? Read my FAQ

to help you decide if VIP Coaching is right for you

  • Headshot of Janine Duffy
    “Don’t walk—CARTWHEEL—to hire this girl. She won’t just change your body or your mindset. She’ll change your life. I seriously eat whatever the hell I want (something I thought Summer was joking about) and there’s no more guilt associated with food.”Janine
  • Headshot of Kate
    “Summer helped me get back into myself. After decades of looking at my incredible body like it was a problem that I wasn’t quite smart enough to solve. Summer’s program appeared like a lit candle in a big, dark room, right when I was at the end of my proverbial yo-yo dieting rope. I’d recommend Summer, emphatically. She’s an expert in this and that’s what I needed. I needed her to tell me that I wasn’t crazy, that these feelings were common and that there were actionable steps I could take to feel better about myself. She validated me by confirming that the struggle was real, but assured me immediately that I could fell better and that I wasn’t that far from it.”Kate
  • “Breaking free of the diet cycle and learning to appreciate my body has freed up so much energy to focus in other areas of my life. Removing the false illusions I had been projecting all this time has allowed me to be more fearless in all areas of my life.”Linda
  • Headshot of Martha
    “Before working with Summer I was feeling frustrated. My body held me back from my goals and I was ashamed of being in a larger body. After working with Summer I am not food and body obsessive anymore. I’m taking charge of my feelings about myself vs. letting other’s opinions of me change the way I look or act. I learned I am worthy and grateful.”Martha
  • Headshot of Sandra
    “Before I discovered Summer, I was frustrated with my body because it didn’t look the way I wanted it to. I was always fighting with myself, beating myself up, feeling guilty when I ate something I “wasn’t supposed to”. I felt that If I lost the weight I would be a happier person. I feel that people are brought into our lives at the precise moment that we need them and I am blessed that Summer was that person. I have learned that I am enough.”Sandra
  • Headshot of Mia
    “I am feeling so free about food. For the first time in my entire life I don’t feel like the changes came from obsessing I feel like a HUGE weight has lifted and now I have more time to work towards building the life of my dreams now that I am not obsessing about food and my body.”
  • “Working with Summer was incredibly freeing. She opened a door to a world of self-love, freedom and relaxed comfort around food that I did not know existed. Because of Summer, I am kicking that door down and connecting with a trust for and with myself that I hadn’t known was possible”Sabina