Anti-Diet Professional Mentorship with Summer Innanen
Body Image Coaching Mentorship with Summer Innanen

Introducing the Body Image Coach Certification program with Summer Innanen and Danni “Amapoundcake” Adams.

This 5-month group certification is for anti-diet/fat positive RD’s, nutritionists, IE counsellors, therapists, coaches and personal trainers to learn tools and frameworks through a social justice lens so you can confidently help clients improve their body image.

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Hi– I’m Summer Innanen, professionally trained coach through the internationally renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI), specializing in body image, self-worth and confidence, and best-selling author of Body Image Remix.

I’ve also completed The Playing Big Facilitator’s Training by women’s leadership expert, Tara Mohr, where I mastered coaching techniques to help women overcome self-doubt and fear.

I left the corporate world to work full-time on my coaching business in 2012 and have since helped hundreds of people break free from societal expectations and live their lives beyond the scale.

I’ve spent years honing my craft and learning tools and frameworks to help clients change their relationship with their bodies. I love to teach other professionals how to make radical shifts with their clients and feel confident saying they help clients with body image.

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Hi – I’m Amapoundcake – an influencer, writer, activist, body image coach, and speaker from Sanford, Florida. I’m very passionate about the impacts that beauty standards have on Women and girls, food insecurities, race relations, and Women’s rights.

I’ve been a speaker at Harvard University, University of Ottawa, Bethune Cookman University and more about race, beauty, and other related topics. I’ve been featured on ABC’s  Tamron Hall Show, Dr. Phil and The Sisaundra Show.

During the pandemic, I worked alongside physicians to help minimize anti-fat bias in health care. In 2021, I partnered with the Seminole County health department to decrease food disparities in low income communities. I received the Solidarity Award from Job with Justice award and has been nominated for several 2023 awards for change. One of them being the 30 under 30 Global Brand Award.

I’m dedicated to reimaging beauty. I launched my own products highlighting the beauty of fat Black Women, who I believe have been negatively impacted by a long history of anti-Black beauty standards.



You are a provider or professional that’s passionate about body liberation

and you want to be a go-to expert in this field by learning exactly how to support clients with body image struggles.

You understand how important body image work is

when it comes to helping clients heal their relationship with food and their bodies, yet you don’t feel totally confident helping clients with these struggles.

You want to know exactly what tools to use to help clients with body image struggles,

such as when a client comes to you with: fear of weight gain, comparisons, fear of judgment, seeing a picture of themselves that sent them into a tailspin, intense moments of body shame and every other body image concern.

You want to be a better ally, teacher and leader

by mastering an understanding of the intersections that influence body image, anti-fat bias and how to build allyship into your practice to change our culture.

You want to set yourself apart from others in the industry

and are eager to learn alongside other peers in your field as we share experiences both personally and professionally to collectively become better leaders in the anti-diet and body liberation space.

You want to start a business around body image coaching or do it in addition to your current business

by confidently being able to market yourself as an expert on body image and expand your offerings to serve more clients.

You want to cultivate better client relationships

by taking things deeper, knowing when to push or pull-back and understanding how to best navigate the relationship between coach and client.

You want to improve your own body image

by using the tools and frameworks on yourself, while also learning how to support clients with these struggles.


How it works:

Over the course of 5 months, we’ll meet for 10 x 90 minute sessions. You’ll learn new concepts and tools each week and see how they are put into practice. There will be lots of time for Q&A and coaching demonstrations.

During that time, you’ll also get access to monthly office hours where you can pop in and get help with any specific personal or client situations you’re experiencing.

The group will be small (max 20 people) to ensure you get time for questions and to be a volunteer for coaching demonstrations (yes, we’ll be doing this!).

The world needs more professionals like you and together we can rock this!

Let’s do this!
  • Headshot of Michelle
    Don’t hesitate for one moment! It’s a worthy investment of time and money and your confidence will skyrocket. This program gave me the tools I needed to confidently market myself as a body confidence coach. It offers practical frameworks that help us to coach our clients while staying within our scope of practice. I appreciated that I always felt comfortable asking questions. I’m grateful to have more tools at my fingertips to support my clients as they navigate their most challenging body image concerns. - Michelle Viña-Baltsas (she/her)
    Certified Intuitive Eating & Body Confidence Coach
  • Headshot of Terri Bailey
    The Body Image Coaching Certification is a powerful course that helped me provide better, more effective services to my client and also gave insight on some of the limiting beliefs that I had packed away and stopped addressing. I highly recommend this course to coaches, and others in the helping profession because the tools and techniques taught by Dani and Summer empower, uplift and heal. Definitely 5 Stars!!!! 
    -Terri L. Bailey, MA
    Owner Terri Bailey Creative, Healing and Alternative Therapies

  • Headshot of Glenys Oyston
    “This program gave me the confidence and the tools to say that, yes, I CAN help clients with increasing body image tolerance and resilience. Already my clients are starting to experience what it is to inhabit their lives from the inside of their bodies, rather than constantly viewing themselves from the outside. I’ve come away with a boatload of tools to help clients build body image resilience. The in-session demos were invaluable in seeing how it all works! My advice is to DO IT…You’ll feel so much more confident in helping your clients navigate body image healing. ”Glenys Oyston (she/her) Registered Dietician Nutritionist,

Here’s What The Body Image Coach Certification Includes

10 x 90 Minute Group Sessions + Replays

In these 10 interactive video sessions, you’ll learn the tools and frameworks to help your clients heal their relationship with their bodies, plus see live coaching demonstrations and have time for q&a. You’ll also receive the slides in advance so you don’t need to scramble to take notes throughout the session.

All of the sessions are recorded and sent out within 24 hours, so if you miss one or want to watch it again to take more notes, you can watch the replay.

(Value $1,500)

5 x Office Hours Sessions

5 x 60 minute additional office hours sessions during the initial training period where you can get personalized support on client situations and get help putting the tools into practice.

(Value $550)

Lifetime Access to Replays & Slide Decks

You’ll get the recordings and slides for life, so that you can keep them for future reference so you don’t have to rely on your memory.

(Value $500)

Access to the coaching demonstration library

For each module, you’ll have access to multiple demonstration videos to see how to implement the coaching techniques and frameworks, so you know how to put the tools into practice (coming Fall 2023)

(Value $900)

Worksheets you can adapt to use for your clients

You’ll receive the handouts and worksheets we use with our clients to adapt and incorporate into your own practice.

(Value $500)

Resource Library

You’ll receive links to various articles, videos, books and people to follow on social media that correspond to the topics each week.

(Value $350)

Integration Roadmap

This handout tells you exactly when to use each tool with clients for different scenarios that past participants called “amazing” and “super helpful.”

(Value $250)

Certificate & Badge to use on your website

Once you have completed the requirements for the certification, you’ll receive a certificate to display and badge to use on your website

(Value $250)

Listing in our Body Image Coach Directory

Once you are certified, you’ll be able to include your contact information in our Certified Body Image Coach directory

(Value $500)

BONUS: Member-Led Facebook Group

Connect with other anti-diet professionals and share resources or ask questions of one another in the exclusive Body Image Coach community-led Facebook group.

(Value $250)

Certification Process

To become a Certified Body Image Coach, you’ll be required to complete quizzes after each session and verify that you’ve practiced the tools with a client and/or read some of the required materials. The certification is optional and not required to complete the course.

  • Headshot of Marcia Dadds
    “This program gave me so many wonderful tools and helped build more confidence in my ability to help clients of all shapes and sizes with body image issues. They went above and beyond to help us with practice demos and provide extra tools even at the end based on each participant preferences and needs. Run don’t walk the next time they present this opportunity!”Marcia Dadds (she/her), MS, RDN
    Clinical Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
    Nutrition Therapist


Week #1 – Coaching 101 (Summer)

– The difference between coaching and consulting and how I use a mix of both to help clients with body image,

– The importance of curiosity and questions to bring your client’s unique struggles and beliefs to the surface,

– Why it’s imperative to avoid assuming or “filling in the blanks” on your clients struggles,

– How to hold space for client’s feelings without gaslighting or invalidating their experiences,

– What body image work is not (i.e. positivity, loving their body, etc),

Week #2 – Addressing Bias In Coaching (Amapoundcake)

– How to navigate client relationships and the power dynamic between practitioner and client when you hold different privileges,

– How to support clients when you do not share the same lived experience,

– The impact of whiteness in body positivity and coaching,

– The impact of medical fatphobia and how to help clients navigate healthcare,

– How to incorporate allyship into your practice.

Week #3 – Creating the vision and setting the foundation (Summer)

– How to create a vision for your clients so they have a blueprint of what they working towards to overcome fear of the unknown and hesitations around doing this work,

– Creating a measurement system to be able to track and celebrate client’s progress with the rather nebulous concept of body acceptance,

– The 4 fundamental changes to make to lay the foundation for self-compassion and body acceptance,

– Tools to address mirror checking (a hidden substitute for the scale).

Week #4 – Changing the internal dialogue from critical to compassionate (Summer)

– Understanding the role of the inner critic and how that influences your client’s thoughts and behaviours around their body,

– How to notice the voice of the inner critic in your clients to help them discern who is really who’s in charge,

– The 5-step framework to help your clients notice, detach from and respond to their inner critic with an authentic voice of compassion,

– How to help your clients strengthen their voice of compassion, including 2 different visualizations to use,

– The importance of language and having clients change the words they use to describe their bodies,

– The 3 things to assess when your client’s inner critic is running rampant.

Week #5 – History of Fatphobia (Amapoundcake)

– A brief history of weight discrimination and racism and the importance of this intersection as it relates to diet culture,

– Beliefs about fat bodies and the ways they impact jobs, health care, & housing,

– How to use representation as a tactic and the best ways to use it to ignite cultural change,

Week #6 – Uncovering and changing beliefs about bodies, health and more. (Amapoundcake)

– Uncovering your clients beliefs about bodies, health and desirability – as it relates to the world and themselves,

– How to begin to challenge and change the beliefs they have in order to create a new belief system that aligns to who they want to be,

– Reframes and perspective shifts to address any fears and resistance that comes up with your clients around doing body image work,

– Helping your clients mourn the loss of their ideal body while also helping them feel into the hope and potential of letting this go.

Week #7 – Tools to help clients be more neutral with their bodies (Summer)

– The importance of moving clients out of their heads and into their bodies to process emotions so they’re not stuck spiralling in negative chatter,

– How to help your clients move towards a place of neutrality with their body starting with touch and working towards using the mirror,

– How photos can be a tool for healing and normalizing our client’s appearance – where to begin and how to use them to process deeper emotions and strengthen compassionate self-talk.

Week #8 – Overcoming judgments and comparisons (Summer)

– Helping your clients uncover the root of their fear of judgment and comparisons,

– How to help your clients connect with who they are and prioritize this over how they look,

– How to set boundaries and respond to criticisms or judgments,

– Visualizations to help clients in situations where fear of judgment or comparisons prevents them from showing up or being comfortable,

– 6-step process for working through comparisons,

– How to help your clients build confidence in a way that makes them feel empowered,

– 3 perspective shifts to help your clients overcome fear.

Week #9 – How self-care supports self-worth (Amapoundcake)

– How to help clients redefine self-care in an easy way that makes it totally doable for them,

– Why lack of self-care has a direct influence on how we feel about our bodies,

– The 2 main roadblocks that get in the way of clients prioritizing their needs,

– 4 myths about mainstream self-care that prevent clients from doing it consistently,

– Helping your clients create a (doable and) robust self-care plan that supports emotional and mental well-being.

Week #10 – Values, working through body shame and integration (Summer)

– A 6-step process to help your clients work through moments of body shame,

– When to use all the tools and how to integrate them into your sessions (including a worksheet summary that past participants called “amazing” and “super helpful”),

– Worksheets you can adapt to give your clients for homework between sessions,

– How to help your clients identify their values and the things that truly bring them fulfillment,

– Wrap up and final integration.

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  • Headshot of Gillian McCollum
    “This programme provided me with so many amazing tools and strategies that I now feel much more confident working with my clients on developing their body acceptance and resiliency skills. My favorite parts of the programme were definitely the more experiential/interactive exercises which were demonstrated in the live sessions in the programme. I’d highly recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their competency in this area. It affirmed my belief that most of this stuff isn’t actually about our body and I love that they addressed this so deeply.”Gillian McCollum (she/her), Anti-Diet Food and Body Freedom Coach
  • Headshot of Bridget Shannon
    “I would highly recommend this program to any Intuitive Eating professionals who feel confident in their work supporting people with food challenges, but want to build their skills and expertise in body image coaching. It has equipped me with tools and materials to confidently support my clients, while deepening my foundational understanding about where these issues stem from and how they impact us. What I enjoyed most about this was the small, interactive group sessions, so we could connect with others, ask questions, observe demos and get plenty of personalized attention!”Bridget Shannon (she/her)
    Intuitive Eating Coach, Co-Founder of Wellness Lately
  • Headshot of Dana Baron
    “This program gave me a sharper tools, a deeper understanding and practical resources to use with my clients. What I enjoyed most about this was the camaraderie and support of the group, and the opportunity to observe live coaching in real time.”Dana Baron (she/her)
    Intuitive Eating Coach, Co-Founder of Wellness Lately
Let’s do this!