What To Do About Bloating After Eating

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Have you ever had bloating after eating? You know, when you feel like you are 5 months pregnant with some kind of mutant food baby.   There are many reasons that we get bloated including food sensitivities, impaired digestion and stress. … Read More

How To Know If You Are Overtraining

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When it comes to exercise, there is this idea that more is better. The more you workout, the healthier or fitter you’ll be. The harder you push yourself, the greater the rewards.   Unfortunately, this could not be farther from … Read More

Why It’s Not Always About Food

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Today, you have the pleasure of meeting my kick-ass partner-in-crime/work-wife, Sarah Ramsden.   Sarah and I became fast friends when we found one another through a social media nutritionist’s group. We quickly realized that we were likely separated at birth… … Read More