ETR 216: Will accepting my body make me unhealthy? (Body Image Series)

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Podcast in the Body Image Series: Will accepting my body make me unhealthy?
Body Image Series: Will accepting my body make me unhealthy?

In this episode of Eat the Rules, I’m continuing the body image responding to the question “Will accepting my body make me unhealthy?”

I also explore how our culture has made us believe that being thinner is the only way to be healthy, and why health is multi-faceted.

In This Episode, I Talk About

  • That your health is your prerogative and much of it is not actually within your control,
  • How we’ve lost touch of what is good for us in the pursuit of weight loss by blending weight and health together,
  • How diet culture is a disservice to our mental and physical health,
  • How the anti-diet message often gets interpreted as being anti-health, when it’s about finding what’s best for your body and doing things from a place of self-care,
  • Why this message actually makes us more stressed and results in a poorer body image,
  • What the research says about body image and health,
  • That if we’re hating our body, we have a higher likelihood of developing an eating disorder,
  • That psychological stress has the same impact on our body as emotional stress,
  • How health is improved by behaviours, not outcomes,
  • How having a positive body image leads to a higher likelihood of engaging in health promoting behaviours,
  • That your health does not define your value in this world,
  • Plus so much more!

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