Workshop: Overcoming Self-Doubt

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A few weeks ago I sent you questions to answer so I could better understand where you need help (a million thank you’s for your responses!!!). The overwhelming need for support was related to body image: overcoming body shame, the negative voice in your head, fear of weight gain and ending comparisons etc. etc.


Thank gawd I know something about this stuff!!! I’m going to be dishing lots of helpful things for you in the coming months.


In working with women and through my own experiences I know that the biggest demon to wrestle is that negative voice of judgment that keeps us stuck in body hate.


That negative chatter can feel so much like our own voice that we don’t even realize how often it rules our decisions and life.


Our first inclination is to scream at the voice to STFU and force feed it affirmations …but often that doesn’t work.


By trying to forcibly silence it, we inherently shame ourselves for having that voice. Double-downing on shame.


By slapping an affirmation on it, we aren’t allowing ourselves to get to the real reason for why it’s there.


By being frustrated for its continual presence, we are unable to learn how to properly respond to it.


We approach self-doubt all wrong.


You see, all women have that negative voice – if it’s not attacking your body, it’ll attack something else about you.


The key to overcoming that negative voice is not to make it go away, rather it’s to learn how to respond to it and not let it dictate your actions.


Just because you have an ugly thought, doesn’t mean it needs to rule your life.


As soon as I approached it differently, stepping outside of my comfort zone became so much easier.


I was able to attend parties without changing my outfit 46 times and do the self-conscious-shirt-fidget-dance all night.


I was able to cruise down the beach in a bikini.


I was able to go out and not even think twice about eating pizza and drinking a glass of wine or 4 (Tami Taylor size glasses) because fear of gaining weight was no longer ruling my life.


And more importantly, I learned to walk through any fears I was having, achieve kick-ass things that I didn’t have time for when I was body obsessed and LIVE in the moment.


I’ve learned so much about how to really approach that negative voice in your head and I’m pumped to share it with you.


I’m hosting a workshop this month on “Overcoming Self-Doubt”. We’ll unravel the root of what’s really going on and I’ll give you simple practices to help you be the woman who doesn’t let her body get in the way of living a beautiful life.


You’ll learn:

  • Why changing your mindset and learning the right way to respond to the negative voice in your head is critical to helping you feel comfortable in your skin.
  • The reasons why it shows up as body shame and how you can turn it from your own worst enemy into your greatest ally.
  • 4 things you need to eliminate to reduce its presence.
  • The 5 step life-changing practice and visualization you can use to deal with the ugly thoughts that hold you back.
  • 3 different ways of moving through the fear {a.k.a the familiar voice of resistance} so your body image is no longer a limitation on being the woman you desire to be.
  • How to approach your unique situation with one-on-one support from me!


I’m only taking 20 women for this workshop {Thursday Sept 10th}, so to get all the deet’s and register, head over here>>>




PS: Don’t be tardy for the party! My free online community is bumpin’ and I’d love you to be there! Join the no-strings-attached entourage here!


Be Smashing!