Don’t have time to do body image work?

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I coach a lot of rockstar successful women and that means one thing – they are busy. Often they have families, full-time jobs and a very full schedule. As a result, one pushback I hear often is, “I don’t have time to do body image work!”


I’d like to blow the bullshit horn. Because…


If you’ve made time to hate yourself and obsess over food, you have time to love yourself.


Trust me, I’d love to be one of those euro-hippie-chic women that can pull of spiritual awakenings, 45 pieces of jewelry for a trip to Whole Foods and find gratitude for slow j-walkers, but it’s soooo not me.


I hate ‘work’ and I certainly don’t need another thing on my to-do list to make life more complicated.


But, I also know that when our mental sanity is at stake, it’s conveniently much easier to stay in the shitstorm of our own busyness than take action.


Busyness is resistance. Much like nursing your feelings with a jar of peanut butter is a form of emotional suppression or resistance, being “crazy-busy” is another way that we block ourselves from moving forward.


“What you resist persists.” ~ Carl Jung


The next time you feel trapped in the vortex of “I’m too busy”, ask yourself if it’s really something else you’re resisting.


Some things that I resist often (aside from burning down Herbal Magic locations and throwing hacky sacks at guys with man-buns) are:


…Pealing back a layer about myself that may stink worse than a block of blue cheese that’s been sitting in a scorching car for 3 days

…Facing a fear that’s a gateway to being the woman I desire to be

…Feeling and expressing the things I’m feeling

…Being vulnerable


On the other side of the resistance lies the woman who no longer lets body perfectionism rule her world.


One of the easiest and most impactful places to start is by bringing awareness to your thoughts in the moment and allowing your feelings to surface. To be present.


And you don’t need more time to be present with the time you’ve got.


be present


Pay attention to your thoughts. Don’t overreact. Allow yourself to feel what’s really going on. Relate to yourself with kindness. Repeat.


Giving yourself space to do this will get you well on your way towards feeling comfortable in your own skin.


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Be Smashing!