FRR – Ep 6: Strong Woman Stacy Toth

SummerBody Image, Eat the Rules

In this episode, I interview one rockstar of a woman – blogger, author, mother, wife, athlete and Strong Woman competitor – Stacy Toth, on body image, self-love and how she empowers her kids to have a good relationship with food and themselves.   In … Read More

5 Ways To Love Your Body

SummerBody Image

This post was a guest article that I wrote for Paleo Parents. Stacy, from Paleo Parents, is one inspiring woman that you should all get to know better. Definitely check out her story and follow her journey. I was so … Read More

How To Know If You Are Overtraining

SummerS&STV, Weight Loss

When it comes to exercise, there is this idea that more is better. The more you workout, the healthier or fitter you’ll be. The harder you push yourself, the greater the rewards.   Unfortunately, this could not be farther from … Read More