FRR – Ep 5: The Solution Is Your Problem – Interview With Krista Scott-Dixon

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In this episode, I interview one of my idols – blogger, author, behaviour change & disordered eating expert, and provider of no-bullshit education in fitness and health for women – Krista Scott-Dixon, on why the solution is your problem.


In this MUST-LISTEN-TO episode, we talk about:

  • Krista’s unconventional story of disordered eating and how she went from being the girl with glasses who was last in gym class to a leader in fitness and nutrition training.
  • Why the demands on women and need to self-regulate are causing more women to develop disordered eating later in life.
  • How you can tell if your ‘healthy’ habits are starting to become destructive and whether you are addicted to self-help.
  • Why “the solution is your problem” and why it’s so hard to give up control.
  • Why “coming to terms with your body is a form of ninja-crapping” and doesn’t mean that you accept yourself.
  • How our cravings for approval, don’t feed us.
  • Two things you can do right now to accept your body (hint: these were things that I had not thought of!).
  • And details on the upcoming Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coaching Certification and how it will help coaches make revolutionary changes in other people’s lives.


You can connect with Krista and grab her e-books here:


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6 Comments on “FRR – Ep 5: The Solution Is Your Problem – Interview With Krista Scott-Dixon”

  1. Thank GOD I am not the only person out here thinking this way. As a former fat child who grew into an eating disorder and thought that health and fitness was the way forwrad.. joined the legions of PT’s out there and realised that what I was doing was not helping.. so I am currently studying coaching and have just finished PN cert level 1 – Thank you Dr John Berardi :-) and am hopefully helping to change peoples thinking about weight, body image and food. We could have so much simpler lives. Thanks for a great podcast!

    1. Thanks Justine! You are definitely NOT alone. I’m so glad you are on the path to helping others feel better in their body without all the BS too!

  2. Thank you, Summer & Krista, for legitimizing so many of the thoughts floating around my head in this podcast! And then pushing my brain farther than it’s endeavored to go alone! You both rock!

  3. Holy hot dang, this is a fantastic interview. It’s so nice to listen to such a great discussion, nodding along as pieces of yourself are recognized in the dialogue. These are feelings, behaviours, and mentalities that are often so hard to describe and put into words, and you two ladies have done a fantastic job doing just that. Eye-opening, supportive, and anti-bullshit. Love it! Thanks so much, keep up the great work!

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