FRR – Ep 4: Be More Awesome and Harder To Kill – Interview With Steph Gaudreau

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FRR-Episode 4

In this episode, I interview my first (!!!) Fearless Rebelle guest – blogger, author, culinary mastermind, weightlifter and all around badass – Steph Gaudreau, on how to be more awesome and harder to kill.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Steph’s journey from being a teacher to a full-time blogger, author and weightlifter.
  • The importance of living a life by your own rules and not letting your unfulfilled pursuits weigh you down.
  • What you can do if you feel like you are stuck on the hamster wheel of life in order to start achieving your dreams.
  • Steph’s passion for weightlifting and how it enabled her to take advantage of the body she was given.
  • Where to start and what to do if you want to start weightlifting or strength training, for women.
  • What defines an athlete and when to know if you should change your nutrition to support your activities.
  • What are the signs to look for if you are not eating properly to support your activity.
  • Why The Performance Paleo Cookbook is different from most cookbooks and what to expect from it


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