Is Body Acceptance an Excuse for not Taking Care of Yourself?

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Is Body Acceptance an Excuse for not Taking Care of Yourself?
Is Body Acceptance an Excuse for not Taking Care of Yourself?Recently, I was talking to a woman who said, “I’m confused about body acceptance. Is this just an excuse for not taking care of yourself?” I tackled the latter in this post here and today I want to explore the idea of body acceptance as an excuse to be unhealthy.

I mentioned I needed my bullshit conch, so I decided to record a video. Check it out…

4 Comments on “Is Body Acceptance an Excuse for not Taking Care of Yourself?”

  1. Hi Summer!! That was excellent! Exactly what I needed today! I have struggled with taking up space all my life and need to hear that is is okay to be! Thanks a bunch!

  2. Preach on your BS conch! You would have sounded two more just to prove the trolls all over social media wrong, but this is what I really need.

    You’re living proof that one doesn’t have to look like a “plus size” model to be harassed by trolls for promoting HAES (It ACTUALLY advocates balanced and pleasurable nutrition and enjoyable exercise, not promote obesity, sedentary lifestyles, and a diet of 100% junk food as the naysayers say!) and be labeled by them as a certain three-lettered acronym that trolls label feminists (am not one, per se, but I’ve been labeled as such too many times).

    Your video is right on, and being a Catholic Christian who has to pray for one’s enemies, I’m praying for that one certain Army vet from Georgia, where his area he lives in is 20%+ food insecure, who has a video on Facebook (viewing/searching not recommended) that has him saying that in his eyes fat people are unacceptable.

  3. Thanks for this light on the word “excuse”. I agree, and also urge you to consider using a different example than body odor. I imagine you were trying to be funny, but I’d find it harder to be in a plane with a woman sitting next to me who just finished a cigarette, or a fellow who doused himself with cologne, than body odor. We don’t need excuses to be ourselves and our journey should be toward tolerance of all choices.

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