FRR 85 – Clients Share Their Journeys (You, On Fire Spotlights)

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This is the You, On Fire (formerly Rock Your Body) Spotlight Series.

It’s a special episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, because I’m speaking to 4 incredible women, who are just like you. These are 4 of my clients who recently went through the You, On Fire (formerly Rock Your Body) program and they are here to tell you that it is possible to go from hopping to diet to diet and being frustrated with your body, to no longer fretting about your reflection and having so much more confidence in who you are outside of how you look.

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In this episode, you’ll meet:

Robb, 57, from Melbourne Australia:

Robb was told that she was overweight at the age of 9 and that planted the seed that lead her to decades of dieting and body shame.

Just over a year ago, she had been hiding herself from the world and life experiences because of the way she felt – staying home from the beach and missing out on time with her sister. You’ll hear about how she was able to “get out of jail” and is “not so hooked on the mirror anymore.”

Today she is spending as much time as she can at the beach, sharing full-body photos of herself on social media and going through the process of being a foster mom.

She says, “It’s been almost like a miracle! I’m not so hooked on the mirror anymore. I don’t worry about that so much. I focus much more on who I am, how I feel, what I want to achieve and the things that give me deep satisfaction and that was prompted by Summer helping me discover what my true values were and finding real meaning in my life. I feel wonderful. I feel alive. I feel like the life I was waiting to live once I got the external conditions right is finally happening for me now. Summer, you need to charge double!”

See Robb’s Spotlight here:

Lucienne, 52, from the Netherlands

Lucienne remembers starting to feel like her body was a problem when she was a young girl, shortly after experiencing some trauma.

Over the years this escalated into an eating disorder and exercise addition that would occupy the majority of her time and energy. She loved to travel, but would never take pictures of herself in the photos.

Today, Lucienne is not “there” yet (BTW, there is no there!), but she has done some incredible things including, walking in a fashion show (in her underwear), starting an Instagram account to promote age positivity and now includes herself in all of her travel photos. She has started to embrace her uniqueness (what we call her non-conformist side) and has started to speak up and stop letting other’s opinions dictate what she says or does.

She says, “It’s never too late to do this. I feel more like me and lighter in some way. I’m learning to be more compassionate, that I don’t need to be fixed and that’s OK. Go for it!”

See Lucienne’s Spotlight here:

Jen, 41, from Virginia, USA

Jen had been on so many diets and came to a point where she couldn’t do it anymore. She was tired of being frustrated by her body and ready to do something completely different.

Jen was always a people pleaser and her entire life was about making people like her. She felt like she had to say “yes” and never said no to anyone at work. This resulted in her feeling drained and untrue to her needs.

She has learned to say no, set boundaries and be OK if people don’t like her. It’s allowed her to be open, express herself authentically and take more time for the things that she really wants to do. She pushed herself outside of her comfort to advocate for herself and finally feel free.

She says, “It was worth every penny plus more. I’m a lot more neutral in my body than I ever thought I would be. I was scared to spend money on myself, but this was priceless. I’m feeling so much better than I ever could have dreamed.” 

See Jen’s Spotlight here:

Karla, 34, from Newfoundland, Canada

Karla had always been told she was too much: too loud, too tall, too big, too opinionated. For about 24 years, she was constantly trying to diet and shrink herself. She felt like there was always something wrong with her, always broken and feeling like she needed to be fixed.

She couldn’t fully participate in her life because she was constantly dieting and spending all of her energy on trying to lose weight.

She says, “You quickly learn it’s not about your body, it’s not about your food. It’s really about your emotions and starting to feel what you feel, and be OK with that.” She got to know who she really was by getting in touch with her values, her beliefs and what she wanted to stand for in this life. She also got in touch with the playful and fun side of herself that she had lost when she was dieting.

She says, “I feel uninhibited in a way than I haven’t been in years. I feel neutral in my body in a way that allows me to show up. I can get dressed without agonizing over it for an hour. I can go to my movement classes without tearing myself apart in the mirror. It’s just a sense of calm and peace.”

See Karla’s Spotlight:

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