ETR 224: Are before and after pictures helpful or harmful? (Death to Diets)

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Podcast Interview on Before and After pictures
Are Before and After pictures helpful or harmful?

In this episode of Eat the Rules, I am back with Vinny with episode 3 of Death to Diets and we are talking all about before and after pictures.

We talk about what we think about weight loss before and after pictures and our own experiences with them. And what about “body positive” before and afters, showing people who used to be thin and in diet hell and now heavier but at peace, are they good, bad, or something else?

In This Episode, We Talk About

  • Our past experiences and perspectives on before and after pictures and how our thinking has evolved,
  • Why I still empathize with people in the diet industry,
  • That an “after” picture is just a moment in someone’s life,
  • The shame that comes with not being able to maintain the image of an “after” picture,
  • The tools marketing uses to manipulate these images,
  • Our thoughts on reverse before and after pictures,
  • That any form of this is still putting the value on your body,
  • That you can show yourself having joy in your body without posting a comparison picture,
  • The issue with many influencers and how they try to approach body positivity,
  • The ways in which straight-sized bodies are often centered in the conversation about body positivity,
  • Plus so much more!

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