ETR 223: Most Ridiculous Diets (Death to Diets)

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Podcast Interview on Ridiculous Diets (Death to Diets)

In this episode of Eat the Rules, I am back with Vinny with episode 2 of Death to Diets and we are talking all about extreme and ridiculous diets.

Vinny and I have picked our most “favourite” new diets on the market and we talk about why they are fucked up and won’t work and are just ridiculous to the max. One diet even says you MUST read a non-fiction book every day, no other genre…say what?! Join us as we ridicule how anyone can pull something out of their ass and call it a diet.

In This Episode, We Talk About

  • That many diets mimic eating disorders,
  • How you can adjust your advertising settings on social media to avoid diet ads,
  • That diabetes monitoring tools have been co-opted by diet culture, without evidence that it helps with weight loss,
  • That there is not a single scientific study that proves dieting works,
  • That diets are predatory, capitalizing on people’s fear,
  • How most of our health is completely out of our control,
  • That the diet business doesn’t tackle the actual things that impact health,
  • How diet companies manipulate their data to show success,
  • That diets are never short-term,
  • Some of the ridiculous diets we’ve tried in the past,
  • Plus so much more!

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