ETR 211: Movement Series: Body Positive Strength Training with Jenna Jozefowski

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Podcast Interview in the Movement Series: Body Positive Strength Training with Jenna Jozefowski

In this episode of Eat the Rules, I’m continuing the movement series where I’m with Jenna Jozefowski, certified personal trainer and kettlebell instructor, as well as yoga teacher, dance teacher, and semi-retired professional dancer. We talk about how to approach body positive strength training, why not all movement needs to be joyful.

We also talk about how to know what fitness advice is meant for you, and other red flags to look for when seeking out fitness support.

In This Episode, We Talk About

  • How Jenna helps people in body positive strength training, without a side of diet-culture,
  • Jenna’s relationship history with fitness and how it shifted to what it is today,
  • How fitness and movement should enhance your life, not take it over,
  • The ways that movement is talked about in the anti-diet community,
  • How there’s no one size fits all approach to movement,
  • Why many people feel like they’re doing joyful movement wrong and how it can be a hard standard to live up to,
  • How structured programs don’t need to be rigid,
  • Advice for finding the right movement for your body,
  • How to filter out advice that’s not useful for you on social media,
  • Some of the red flags to watch out for when choosing a trainer,
  • That it’s never your fault if an exercise isn’t working for you,
  • Advice for someone looking to get into strength training,
  • Plus so much more!

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