ETR 201: Body Image, Race & Gender with Savala Nolan

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Podcast Interview on Body Image, Race & Gender with Savala Nolan
Body Image, Race & Gender with Savala Nolan

In this episode of Eat the Rules, I’m interviewing Savala Nolan, author of Don’t Let It Get You Down: Essays on Race, Gender, and the Body.

We’re talking about Savala’s story of growing up Black, Mexican, and white, and thin and fat, how she navigated these intersections, and always feeling like she was “in-between.” We also talk about how our culture glorifies violence against women, how she’s trying to teach her daughter about race and gender, and what it was like to discover her lineage and ties to chattel slavery.

In This Episode, We Chat About

  • What inspired Savala to write her book: Don’t Let It Get You Down: Essays on Race, Gender, and the Body,
  • How dieting can be passed down through generations,
  • How recovery is a complicated, ongoing process that still sometimes includes the pull of diet culture,
  • How letting go of fitting into one of the categories that our culture has built can allow you to come home to yourself,
  • That when you have a body that is fundamentally marginalized by your community, whatever privilege you can eke out is not as strong as it would be for someone who is not in a marginalized body,
  • Her experienced being raised, primarily, by her white mother,
  • Her experience learning about her family history and the challenging feelings that came out of it,
  • Why privilege is like buying a house,
  • How Savala is teaching her daughter about her identity and her body,
  • How being a parent brings up your own insecurities and fears,
  • Savala’s perspective on Law and Order: SVU,
  • Plus so much more!

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