FRR 157: Alcohol Culture & Quitting Like A Woman – interview with Holly Whitaker

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I’m interviewing Holly Whitaker author of Quit Like A Woman and founder and CEO of sobriety school Tempest.

We talk about how alcohol culture strips us of our power, the patriarchal nature of AA and her approach to becoming a non-drinker geared towards women and other marginalized groups.

In This Episode, We Chat About

  • Holly’s personal story of her battle with alcohol and how that inspired her to write the book Quit Like A Woman and start the sobriety school Tempest,
  • The intersection of diet culture and alcohol culture,
  • How alcohol culture is embedded into female culture and the various ways this shows up in our everyday life,
  • Why alcohol is the new tobacco and the stats around how it is harming individuals and specifically women at an increasing rate,
  • How alcohol brands have co-opted feminist ideals to increase profits,
  • How to know if you need help with drinking,
  • The question we need to ask instead of “am I an alcoholic,”
  • Why Holly feels we need to stop using the words alcoholism and alcoholic and how these words can be stigmatizing,
  • The patriarchal nature of Alcoholics Anonymous and how it works against feminist ideals and can further hurt marginalized groups,
  • How Holly’s approach to healing involves empowerment and a more “feminine” centric approach to recovery,
  • Plus so much more!

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