FRR 152 – Clients Share Their Journeys (You, On Fire Spotlight Series)

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It’s a special episode because I’m speaking to 5 incredible untamed women who will set you on fire…

These are 5 of my clients who worked with me during the You, On Fire program over the past few years and they are here to show you that it is possible to go from obsessing over food and hating your body, to no longer fretting about your reflection and having so much more confidence in who you are outside of how you look.

You, On Fire is the 12-week online group coaching program that gives you a step-by-step way of building up self-worth beyond your jean size with personalized coaching from me and lifetime access to the program—so you can break out of the diet culture cage, get free from body shame and live your fiery, free, untamed life.

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In this episode, you’ll meet:

Evelien, 32, Netherlands

Evelien did the program in 2017 and her story is so similar to my own. She had struggled with the way she felt in her body and that prompted her to become really strict with food and obsess over the “health” of foods. She was in the restrict/binge cycle and it was “taking up so much space in her life and head.”

She had been reading the blog, listening to podcasts and following other body positive accounts, but she couldn’t quite get through the guilt around food and fear of weight gain and that’s when she reached out for help.

She says, “After the first coaching call, I had changed for the better and within 2-3 months, my whole life felt radically different.”

She gained so much more mental space that she was able to start her own business as a coach that specializes in helping women with perfectionism. “It’s so much more peaceful and quiet in my mind. I’m so much more happy.”

Anna, Denmark

Anna did the program in 2018 and it’s incredible to see all of the changes she has made. She had done treatment for an eating disorder, but the body image issues still lingered. Pictures of herself could send her into a spiral and it was stopping her from being social and seeing friends because of the way her body had changed. “It was a huge energy suck from living a full life.”

Since doing the program, she’s been able to go to a club by herself, see friends she hadn’t seen in years, go rock climbing and see pictures and videos of herself with neutrality.

“You, On Fire gave me the tools and support to cultivate a colourful life.”

“Words can’t express the impact it’s had on my life and as a person. I can’t even express the amount of freedom that the program has given to me.”

Lucienne, 55, Netherlands

Lucienne had recovered from an eating disorder but body image was still a problem.She saw her body as something that didn’t comply to the rules and she didn’t trust herself around food. “It was tiring and took up most of my energy.”

Since our time together she has been able to separate her worth and worthiness from her appearance. “I’ve been wearing a bikini to the beach, which I haven’t done in 20 years. I’m in all of my travel pics now…and I trust myself around food.”

She says, “I have mental space now to enjoy where I am and do things.” And that “there are so many things you have time and energy for when you stop worrying about dieting and weight.”

“You, On Fire was one of the best things I did for me. Ever.”

Megan, 29, Pittsburgh

Megan did the program in 2016. Her body image had been an issue her entire life. She was always dieting and for her entire life she felt like her body was never good enough and was in a “constant war with her body.”

She says the biggest impact it’s had is in the way she was able to handle pregnancy and postpartum. Because of the program she was able to advocate for herself during her pregnancy when she faced weight stigma from her doctor. “If I hadn’t done the program, I would have been attempting to lose weight while pregnant.”

She’s been able to be a lot kinder to herself in the postpartum time and resist the “get your body back” messaging and “really appreciate what her body has done.”

She says, “I don’t think I would have been able to enjoy motherhood as much as I have. I haven’t stressed about my body.”

“Do the program. Just do it. It’s worth it. If I hadn’t done the program, I’d be in such a different place. I’m forever grateful.”

Rachelle, Australia

Rachelle did the program in 2017. Her story is similar to so many of my clients. As long as she could remember, she had body image issues. She started dieting in her 20’s and when she lost weight, she still didn’t feel good enough.

Through the program, she realized that a lot of the work she had to do was not about her body. She’s been able to set boundaries and “is not such a people pleaser anymore.” She’s also “not caring what people think of me.”

She is speaking up at work and enjoying it more. She also shared that she recently did a fun photoshoot with her plants and there was “some half-nakedness going on” and that she was “embracing herself.”

“Overall I feel more at peace with myself and am getting on with life and not worrying about what other people think.”

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