FRR 116 – Clients Share Their Journeys (You, On Fire Spotlight Series)

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It’s a special episode because I’m speaking to 4 incredible untamed women who will set you on fire…

These are 4 of my clients who worked with me during the You, On Fire (Formerly RYB) program and they are here to show you that it is possible to go from obsessing over food and hating your body, to no longer fretting about your reflection and having so much more confidence in who you are outside of how you look.

You, On Fire is open for enrollment for the Spring 2018 cycle and this will be the only cycle that runs this year (because I’m pregnant and will be trying to keep a tiny human alive in the fall!). Go here to get all the details and enroll>>

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In this episode, you’ll meet:

Becky, 32, California, USA

Becky’s entire life has been touched by dieting and she felt like she, “had been carrying a backpack of body shame for so long and was tired of it.” She wanted to be present with her kids, stop hiding and stop missing out on life.

Becky proves that it is possible to truly break free of that burden and to stop using exercise as a crutch and to start honoring and listening to your body.

Today she says, “I think about my body way less and I don’t have a problem with how I look anymore. Before it felt like my body belonged to everyone but myself, but now it’s mine. I feel a sense of ownership.”

She thought, “I’m putting so much time and energy into this and I’m capable of so much more. There is so much more to life.” That’s when she knew it was time to do something about it.

Today she says, “I’m on the path to feeling so much more liberated in my body and with myself. I don’t really care what people think anymore. If I want to wear or do something, I do it. I’m just learning how to be more neutral and comfortable in my body.

I have a complete feeling of liberation. I feel I can be more authentic and genuine to others and myself. This was life-changing for me.”

See Becky’s Spotlight here:

Rachelle, 23, West Coast of Australia:

Rachelle always struggled with body image and self-esteem and after dieting for several years and never feeling better in her body, she was sick of putting herself through it. When Rachelle and I started working together, she had healed her relationship with food, but still felt uncomfortable in her body and wanted to be able to put on clothes, go out without makeup or go to the beach without giving it a second thought.

Rachelle did so much awesome work around letting go of her people pleasing ways, detaching from other’s opinions and advocating for herself.

She says, “I’m just more comfortable. I get dressed in the morning without much thought. Yesterday, I was walking around the bikini in my beach and I didn’t care. I’m feeling a lot calmer, stronger and free.”

See Rachelle’s Spotlight here:

Lois, 29, London, UK:

Lois had felt unhappy in her body since she was the age of 13 and she “fundamentally believed that the way her body looked was stopping her from living the life she wanted to live.” It stopped her from going out, having a rich social life, chasing her dreams and living unapologetically. She wanted to wear bright clothes, go shopping and wear things that fit, start dating and go to social events.  

Lois was a rockstar at doing this work and now she has been going to lots of events and participating in a lot of things because “she wants to and because she knows she is worthy.” She let the mantra, “I’m doing this for me so I can live a bigger life,” to work through any fears and doubts that came up along the way.

She says, “I feel like at some point in time I stopped thinking about my body and I just do more with my life. I have a lot more gratitude for my body and I’m really thankful for the things my body allows me to do.”

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Chloe, 45, East Coast of Australia:

Chloe intellectually understood everything about intuitive eating and having a better relationship with food, but she felt like she wasn’t quite “there” and her body size was getting in the way of her really letting go of the food rules. She wanted to feel like she was good enough, accept her body, feel at peace with food and live her life without these thoughts getting in the way.  

A huge shift for Chloe was letting go of who she “should” be and embracing who she is. This has crossed over to so many different areas of her life and now she is speaking up in meetings, more comfortable at social events and able to say what she thinks.

She says, “I don’t really notice or think about my body. I just feel neutral in it. I feel proud to be a part of the body positive community instead of conforming to what society thinks I should be. My body is sort of like a badge of honor. I used to try on 10 outfits and I don’t do that anymore… I put something on, glance in the mirror and it’s not a big deal. My body is just not a focus. It feels so good and so freeing. I’m just so much more relaxed.”  

Hear Chloe’s Spotlight in the podcast series.

Ready to cultivate your inner, rampant untameability (YES!!!) so you can wear, say and do what you want?

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