FRR 47 – All About Self-Love & Body Image

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To celebrate the birth of my book baby – Body Image Remix – coming out on Friday November 27th (which you can get for free by signing-up here >>>), I recorded a VERY special episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio.


In this episode, I run solo and use excerpts from Body Image Remix to chat about: 


  • What it ACTUALLY means to embody self-love (because it’s not about “feeling beautiful”)
  • Why it’s impossible to go from hating your body to loving it and why understanding the middle part can help make the process so much better
  • How our quest for perfection keeps us feeling like we’re not good enough
  • Why being unapologetic can be scary, but it’s the good kind of scary
  • Why you don’t need more confidence and the one thing you DO need more of
  • The importance of challenging the cultural messages we receive about ‘thin’ and ‘fat’ in order to get comfortable in our bodies
  • Plus, lots of meme-worthy quotes from the book!


Listen here, download or grab it from iTunes.

Don’t forget, to celebrate the release of my book, I’m holding a week-long party starting Monday and you are invited!! Here are the details:


7 Days Of Remixing

7 Days Of Remixing – Body Image Remix book release paaaartaaay!


When: Monday Nov 16th – Sunday Nov 22nd


What: You’ll get a daily email with an excerpt from the book, a prompt to help you rock your body confidence and a chance to win a daily prize* (including advance copies of the book, a membership to my 21 Step Body Image Remix December cycle, one-on-one sessions with me and my fav things on Etsy)!


Where: Your inbox and my free private Facebook group.


RSVP: Sign-up here to join the party>>


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