Fearless Rebelle Radio is here! Ep 1: Your Appearance Does Not Define Your Worth

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FRR_Episode 1

So, yeah…last week I spontaneously decided that I wanted to start a podcast. I named it Fearless Rebelle Radio and now it’s here. I’m pretty preeeettty excited.


The goal of FRR is to empower you to defy the standards and break the rules in order to radiate confidence, relish in your uniqueness and live life fearlessly on your own terms.


Every episode I will help you to do this by sharing practical advice, not-so-PG-rated rants and interviews with Fearless Rebelle guests.



In this episode I run solo and talk about:

    • Why I started this podcast, it’s mission and what to expect
    • Why your body does not define your worth
    • Body esteem versus self-esteem – the difference between them and how our culture has got us wrapping them up into one thing
    • Why your ‘fat’ days or ‘I feel generally gross’ days are actually a good thing
    • A few simple things you can do right now to get off the body-bashing crazy train and feel a little more kick-ass


Listen below or download it here. It will be on iTunes shortly and I’ll update this page.



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Get to work! Here are the 5 actions I talked about… listen to the podcast because otherwise the lack of context and detail will make no sense:


#1 – Awareness – Understand that feelings about your body rarely have to do with your body. Dig deep and look for the real issue. Often it’s related to a recent event, like something that happened earlier that day or week.


#2 – Start to address the real root of the issues. Self-esteem is something that is developed and formed throughout our lives and events in our past shape it. Take an inventory of the negative comments from your past. From childhood to adulthood and how it impacted you. Then coach yourself through them to see them in a different light. What would a good friend tell you about those events? How can you spin them into a positive light? This technique is outlined in detail in the book “The Woman in the Mirror” with worksheets.


#3 – Stop saying anything negative about yourself to others or to yourself. Once you stop saying these things aloud, you will also stop believing them. Censor yourself and just stop. Don’t make it real.


#4 – Make a list of 5 things that would be different if you were cool in your body. Then go and do three of those things now.


#5 – So what? When you think a negative thought about yourself, Start asking “says who?” or “so what?” Start to challenge these beliefs in yourself.


Be Smashing!