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Letting go of dieting and letting your body do its thing can feel scarier than binge watching Law & Order SVU on your couch alone at night.


It can feel isolating to go through this stuff while your friends are bragging about the results of their recent 30-day ab challenge and lettuce wrapped life.


Not to mention every time you step outside, turn on the TV or check social media, you are hit with a typhoon of gobbledygook reinforcing that looking hot defines your value on this planet and that if you’re not actively resisting ice cream, eating clean and telling the world about it, there is something wrong with you.


I was so fortunate to find other women who had gone through something similar to myself and their connection gave me a tremendous amount of hope and made me see that there is another route to joy that isn’t slathered in self-tanner and tricks to feel full.


And that’s why I’ve created a free online community for women who are ready to say, “I am fabulous the way I am, and screw anyone who thinks otherwise”.


This will be the best thing on the web since Ask Jeeves.


You’ll get:

  • Support on your journey to body love: Support your fellow entourage, ask questions, share your story, struggles and successes.
  • Share body positive and anti-diet inspiration: Seek out and post articles, fav books, videos and more.
  • Exclusive notification of live Q&A sessions with me: You and me, live and uncensored with your burning questions.
  • Be with women who ‘get’ what you’re going through: Because doing this work is crazy powerful when you have a posse of women behind you.
  • Scissor kicks! A place to share your successes and scale smashing victories.


My 21 Step Body Image Remix and Rock Your Body programs have a private online community and the majority of women agree that it’s a key element of their success. It’s a place where we empower and support one another. A reprieve from this diet obsessed culture.


This will be a completely ‘weight loss’ and body shaming free environment. Rest assured, I will happily boot anyone’s ass out who tries otherwise (you should see me in a street fight…especially after watching a billion hours of L&O: SVU).


This is your personal invite to join and I’d LOVE to hang with you more. Simply click here to join and let’s get this party started!



Be Smashing!