Body Image Breakthrough Session: 45-Min Private Coaching Sessions for $97

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For a limited time, there is a special way to work with me: The Body Image Breakthrough Session

If you’ve checked out any of my coaching options before, you’ll notice they are a minimum of 4 months long because there is a lot to unpack when we’re undoing years of societal conditioning.

Recently, I’ve been feeling called to offer something more accessible. That’s why I’ve decided to offer one-time 45-minute private sessions for $97 (over 50% off my normal private rate).

The Body Image Breakthrough Session: An intensive 45-minute session to help you break down your biggest body acceptance barrier and receive customized action steps to help you stop being so damn hard on yourself.

This is for you if:

– You’re curious about what it means to work with a qualified life coach and want to give it a spin before making any kind of commitment,

– You feel like you “intellectually get” the concept of body acceptance, but aren’t embodying it and want some specific tools to make it stick,

– You hate trying to figure this out on your own and want someone to tell you exactly what to do,

– You’ve been working on this on your own for a while, but want to see what it would be like to have a coach supporting you (answer: killer, #noregrets),

– You have wanted to work with me, but don’t have the resources to invest in a long-term coaching program,

I’ll help you shake-shit-up to feel better about yourself. If you want a defibrillator for your confidence, I’m your coach.

To be honest, some of the most memorable lessons I’ve learned from coaches have happened in one-time sessions. So, we may not get you “there” (which is fine since that doesn’t exist anyways), but you will get one holy-powerful transformative session.

Investment: $97

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Here is how it works:

You’ll get an email with the next steps, including 3 questions to help you make the most out of our time together.

We meet at our selected time and I bring my professional coaching superpowers (which I’ve been told are “amaze-balls”) and years of experience working with hundreds of incredible people like you, to help you feel excited about what you need to do to feel better in your body.

Session must be booked prior to June 3rd. Only 10 spots available.

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Note sure what to use a session for? Here are some ideas on what you could use a session for…

…You have an event coming up that you’re feeling self-conscious about and want to feel confident going into it instead.

…You’ve been avoiding being in pictures or go into a shame-spiral when you see yourself and want to be able to look at a photo and feel neutral.

…You compare yourself to everyone else when you’re in your yoga class and want to feel comfortable and not care what others are thinking.

…You want to go to the beach and wear a bathing suit, but the thought of that makes you panic. You want to be able to do it with pride.

…Your inner voice is your biggest bully and you want to learn how to shut it down and speak to yourself with compassion and kindness.

…You are constantly mirror-checking OR you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror and want to be able to walk by one with ease.

…You don’t know who you are anymore now that dieting isn’t taking up all that space in your life and want to understand what truly lights you up and makes you who you are.

…You’re sick of letting the diet mentality dictate your relationship with movement and want to be able to move your body because it feels good, not to change how you look. 

These are only a few ideas of what you could use the session for to experience an incredible shift in a short period of time. 

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