Coffee Talk – Daily-ish Body Image Periscope With Me!

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Want to hang out with me on a week-daily-ish basis? “Obviously!” …if you’re my mom reading this… hi mom!


I’ve been on Periscope like crazy… turns out I LOVE this format of connecting with my peeps and have started a daily-ish segment called “Coffee Talk” (as you can see why).


I’ve been scoping about all things body image and ditching diets including – how to eat what you want without obsessing, what to do if your clothes don’t fit, why consistency is bullshit, how to let go of what other people think and SO MUCH MORE!!!


If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, Periscope is an app that allows people to do a live video broadcast… you can lurk and watch in the background or post comments to chat live with me.


I love it because it’s spontaneous, imperfect and authentic – and you know I’m all about bitches bein’ real. I’m speaking about what’s on my mind in that moment and chatting with you live. How cool?!?!!


Make sure you’re following me there* for live updates and if you can’t get the app (mega respect for people who still have flip phones), I post all the replays in my free online community – plus that is where I source a lot of the questions from. 


**1. Download the Periscope app 2. Search and follow ‘Summer Innanen’ 3. Turn on updates for my live broadcasts or check daily for the 24 hour replays.


Can’t wait to see you there! In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves. 


PS: for those of you who missed this, my friend Isabel Foxen Duke just put out an amazing free video training series that’s seriously changing the way women think about food. If you’ve ever struggled with emotional eating, binge-eating or “generally feeling crazy around food,” you gotta check out this trailer and sign up to get her free training videos! sign-up for her free training here>>



Be Smashing!