It’s OK Not To Be Productive

SummerBody Image, Body Positivity, Self-Love

It’s OK to not be productive.

Ebbs and flows.

Funks and spunks.

Inhales and exhales.

This is the rhythm I find myself in often.

Prior to being pregnant, I was usually riding one of these waves for a few weeks before the tides would drastically shift and I would wake up finding myself in a completely different frame of mind.

With pregnancy, it’s a day-to-day and sometimes hour-to-hour tide schedule, with my energy and mood shifting dramatically.

I used to think the funks I experienced were from lack of motivation, inspiration or burnout.

Sometimes it was one or more of these, but I’ve come to realize that more often than not, this is simply how I operate.

And when I’m called to slow down and pause, I need to honor that.

Nothing has taught me this more than being pregnant, where pushing through is no longer an option.

Accepting my body has taught me so much more than just body acceptance. It’s taught me to tune into all the different parts of myself that I didn’t get a chance to acknowledge and honor when I was entrenched in diet culture.

Our body has so much wisdom and I was ignoring it and pushing it aside because I was more loyal to chasing an ideal version of myself.

Deprogramming all the bullshit we’ve been taught about our bodies and our worth has opened up the space to help me learn and appreciate these rhythms instead of beating myself up for not being “on” everyday.  

It’s OK to not be productive.

It’s OK to take a nap.

It’s OK to do nothing.

This is often the most “productive” thing we can do.

We can’t change the tides of the ocean and I don’t think we can change the tides of our natural rhythms. The more we fight against them, the harder we crash.

What I’ve learned is that when we honor our natural rhythm, we ultimately end up more fulfilled, more energized, more creative and well-rested.

And that’s how I think we can change the world.