Our Roads to Body Love With Sarah Vance and Myself

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In this special episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, fellow Body Image Coach, Sarah Vance, and I share the mic to talk about the messy middle part of our road to self-love. We also announce our Reclaim Retreat happening May 2017!

This special episode is available in video!! Watch our wicked dance moves, virtual high-fives gone wrong and serious faces.

In this episode, we chat about:
  • THE RECLAIM RETREAT happening May 2017
  • The different phases we went through when we gave up dieting and started to work on body image
  • The messy middle part of the journey that often gets skipped over
  • Why it was SO hard to stop thinking about weight loss
  • Our individual interpretations of what it means to “love our body”
  • Did I mention THE RECLAIM RETREAT happening May 2017?!?!?
  • Plus so much more!
Show notes:

Get all the details on the Reclaim Retreat here>>>

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