FRR 62 – Fearless Body Confidence – Interview With Anastasia Amour

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I chat with Anastasia Amour – Body Image Educator, Self-Esteem Coach and author of Inside Out – on how to stop letting your weight dictate your worth, why feeling sexy is a state of mind and how she practices fearless body confidence.


In this episode, we chat about:
  • Anastasia’s journey from being bullied as the “fat girl” growing up to a near-fatal 5 year battle with Anorexia to being the confident woman she is today
  • What the road to recovery looks like
  • How she got to know who she was at her core and started to express that
  • What loving your body really means and why our false expectations can hold us back
  • The role of toxic relationships in our body image
  • Why you can love your body and still have bad body days, plus how she manages those
  • How to move your body and eat more healthfully without going crazy
  • The importance of changing beliefs, especially those that are fatphobic
  • How to feel sexy from the inside out
  • Anastasia’s Instagram feed – why it’s one of my favorites to follow
  • Plus so much more!
Show notes:

Anastasia’s book – Inside Out: A 14 day guide to transform your mind-body relationship

Connect with Anastasia: | Facebook | Instagram

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