This Disempowered Thought Will Sabotage Your Body Love

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I would be partying on a yacht with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler if I had a dime for every time I said, “If only I had her body/metabolism/career/ability to dance without looking like I’ve been shocked by a cattle prod…”.


This way of thinking kept me stuck in a cycle of wishing, despairing and prevented me from having body love for so many years. I believed that “she had it easier” and therefore I was doomed to never feel good enough.


I blamed my shortcomings on the cards I’d been dealt and all this did was reinforce a bogus belief that external things were the missing ingredient to my self-worth and fulfillment.


“If I had her stomach, I would totally wear a crop top.”
“If I had her career, I would be able to spend more time on myself.”
“I’d have no problem meeting a guy if I looked like her.”


I talk a lot about how hinging our self-worth on external things is a recipe for never feeling good enough. The same thing happens when we set limitations on ourselves based on our external circumstances—we pigeon hole any chance of feeling complete.


When we play the “it’s so much easier for her” card, we essentially wave our white flag and limit our ability to feel good about ourselves.


This amounts to a big load of blame and WHY ME IT’S SO NOT FAIR?!?!?! It’s weak and you are a strong-ass woman who can do better than that!


Start to notice where you are placing blame or waiting on a fantasy to be happy and ask yourself, what would be my strong-ass woman response to this situation?


Feeling good enough doesn’t come once you’ve reached some magical goal. It comes from within you right now. Your “perfect body” and “perfect life” are the ones you have now.


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If only i had her body