Why You Can’t Stick To A Diet

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Do you make plans to ‘eat really clean’, then blow it all to pieces as soon as the cheese tray hits the table?


Do you have trouble ‘just having one bite’ of chips or cake or chips dipped in icing (don’t knock it till you try it)?


Do you make promises with yourself that ‘tomorrow I’ll do so much better’ only to end up knee deep in a bowl of hot buttery popcorn at 9pm?


You curse yourself as a failure that’s doomed to never get your weight under control. You resign to the fact that you are an expert at diet-sucking and have zero willpower. Why can’t you just stick to your ‘diet’ or ‘lifestyle’?!?!


I’m here to tell you that your problem is not willpower or your unconditional love of cheesecake.


The reason you can’t-stop-eating-s’mores-OH-GAWD-WHHYYY is because you have waged a war against your body. Your overwhelming desire to fix your body with food and exercise only makes you a pro at broken commitments and guilt-fests. You are stuck nose-diving into failure and Doritos with every attempt you make to ‘get your act together’.


When you fight against your body, you are making choices from a place of ‘I hate my stomach’ (dislike) and ‘I need to avoid these foods because they make me fat’ (punishment/deprivation) that is full of ‘I suck’ (guilt). This is the broken piece of the puzzle.


When you shift your mindset to one of compassion and your intentions come from a place of self-love, you no longer have to suffer in this cycle.


But, you have to stop trying to ‘fix your body’. When there is nothing to fix, the cycle of diet-sabotage-repeat ends.

Desire to lose weight_sabotage

How the frigggg do you do that, Summer?!?! Does this mean I’m going to blow up like a manatee at a Chinese food buffet?!?! I’ll have to eat a tapeworm!!


These are common things I hear from my clients and the answer is no.


Accepting your body is a key piece to ending your career as a dieter.


And no, you will not blow up like a manatee (although they are really cute).


If you’ve been neglecting the body image side of the equation in favor of food tracking, fitbit points, recipe collecting and Sunday night redemption meal preps, then now is the time to try something different.


I know body image work doesn’t sound nearly as sexy as ‘getting a tighter ass in 10 days’, but I have faith that you are a smart woman who knows there is more to life than tuna, cucumber and bootcamps.


And if you’re ready for that, then stay tuned because I have a bunch of content and freebies coming your way that will help you to feel like a rockstar in your body so you can break up with dieting once and for all.


And I know it sounds scary, but isn’t it f*cking terrifying to think you might be a 70 year old woman still trying to get her ‘food and body under control’ instead of livin’ it up as the bocce ball queen in Boca Vista?!?! Holy hell. No thanks.


What’s the one thing that you struggle with the most when it comes to accepting your body? I want to know so that I can help you. Sound off in the comments below>>>


Be Smashing!