How To Let Go Of Control

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One of the most important things that I do when I work with women is to have them get rid of their scale and other external factors (I’m looking at you My Fitness Pal) that are feeding their doppelganger and keeping them trapped in the diet mentality.


I often hear women say, “But if I don’t have my {insert control mechanism}, I’m going to blow up and eat everything in sight!”


How has that been working for you? I assume you are effortlessly eating what you want and not thinking about food? I assume that last time you used the word rebound was when you were watching basketball? 


*insert cricket noise*


We assume that the opposite of control is bat-shit crazy…. And that is certainly where you rebound to when you are stuck in control-freak mode.



However, it’s not control of food or our weight that we’re really afraid of letting go of.


It’s our fear of things other than food and weight that keep us resistant towards letting go of dieting.


…fear of what other people will think of us

…fear of being perceived as Jabba The Hut’s spirit animal

…fear of feeling hard feelings and emotions you have been suppressing by measuring macros

…fear of facing the reality of your life


Can you really control those things anyways?


Hell no you can’t girl! You can’t control what people think. You can try to diet away your feelings, but that only makes them simmer inside of you until 15 packs of cheese strings are your only answer to coping with them.


Giving up your My Fitness Pal will only help you to uncover what you really need to let go of in order to move forward.


Letting go of the things I cannot control – for me, that is mainly what other people think and the fact that Downton Abbey is coming to an end – is one of the most important things I practice to keep my doppelganger tame.


Now it’s time for you to put this into practice and I have the perfect resource for you –

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing, Louise Androlia – Holistic Empowerment Coach – on the art of letting go of control in this week’s episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio. You honestly do not want to miss this episode!!


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This program and community is available to you at any time, but when I run a group cycle it just means that you complete the missions with other women at the same time as you. I hope you’ll join my community of Rockstars who have taken the sledgehammer to their scales and are living proof that freedom is possible!


Be Smashing!