FRR 52 – Reclaiming Fat – Interview With Chrystal Bougon

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I chat with Chrystal Bougon – Owner & Resident Curvy Girl at Curvy Girl Inc and activist – on feeling sexy at every size, reclaiming the word fat and the importance of sexual pleasure as self-care.


In this episode, we chat about:

  • What loving your body means to Chrystal
  • The spark that fired her up to start Curvy Girl Lingerie
  • Why she identifies as a fat woman and the importance of reclaiming that word
  • The importance of asking for what you want in the bedroom and how this empowered Chrystal to be kinder and truer to herself
  • The power of asking for what you want in the bedroom and life
  • Your life is happening now, not 10 pounds from now – don’t put it on hold
  • Why it’s a discipline to work on your inner confidence and compassion
  • Why both Chrystal and I still have bad body days and how we deal with those
  • Her motto “Sexy is for every body!” and how you can embody sexiness
  • How she responds to people who say she is “glorifying obesity”
  • Her must-hear response to internet trolls
  • The way fat people are portrayed in the media and how this perpetuates size stigma
  • All about her new TV series Plus Size Life and why we need more TV like this!
  • Plus so much more!


Show Notes:

Plus Life TV

Yay Scale


Connect with Chrystal:

Curvy Girl Inc (website) | Curvy Girl Lingerie (online store) | Bliss Connection (online romance store) | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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