FRR 34 – Ditch The Bitch – Interview With Leanne Ellington

SummerBody Image, Dieting, Eat the Rules, Emotional Eating, Self-Love, Weight Loss

In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I interview Leanne Ellington – writer, mad scientist, storyteller and body image rebel – on how to tame the bitch in your head and drop the weapons of control that keep you trapped in body shame.




In this episode, we chat about:

  • How Leanne learned to accept herself after years of abusing her body both physically and mentally.
  • How food and our bodies are used as weapons of control, judgment and comparison.
  • Why dropping these weapons of control is necessary for self-love.
  • How to understand and tame that ‘bitch’ in your head.
  • The role of the brain and nervous system as it relates to self-image and esteem.
  • Why bringing our past into the present keeps us trapped in bad cycles.
  • The importance of becoming your own “Mad Scientist” and inner pilot versus listening to what everyone else is telling you to do.
  • How to ditch the shame associated with your food choices.
  • PLUS SO much more…

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