FRR 19 – Be Harder To Kill – Interview with Steph Gaudreau

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle RadioSteph Gaudreau – blogger, author, culinary mastermind, weightlifter and all around badass – returns to the show to chat about the way women are portrayed in the strength world, how to eat to perform and her new book The Performance Paleo Cookbook


In this episode, we chat about:

  • The mixed messages that we receive about strength leading to skinny
  • How Steph feels about the messaging that strong is the new skinny
  • How you can bust through your intimidations and get comfortable lifting weights
  • What foods most women lack in their diet that prevents them from getting stronger
  • How to know if you’re eating enough to sustain your activity levels
  • When too much training starts to eat away at your health
  • Plus teasers from Steph’s new cookbook The Performance Paleo Cookbook…including me drooling over her recipe descriptions of flank steak and braised sweet potatoes with coconut milk.


Show notes:

The Performance Paleo Cookbook

Release date is Jan 6 2015.

Steph’s previous episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio – Episode 4


Grab Steph’s book and connect with her here:


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2 Comments on “FRR 19 – Be Harder To Kill – Interview with Steph Gaudreau”

  1. I love that you’re spreading the word to women to ditch dieting and love our bodies! Sometimes it seems like there are mixed messages though as you also promote Paleo. I know for me, everytime I’ve attempted to “go paleo” I’ve failed and binged, and hated myself and binged again!

    1. Hey Susan! I am loosely associated with the Paleo community, but I actually promote eating what you want… what makes you feel good. Whatever that is for you as an individual!! I help lots of women that went down the ‘paleo’ binge path to find the balance they were seeking. It’s all about your mindset.

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