Why Your Body Positivity Inspires Others…

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We all have those moments when the temptation of dieting gets to us or we succumb to our voice of fear. We all have those moments where we think “it would just be easier if I was thinner” or “if I could just find that one thing that I haven’t discovered that will help me lose weight.”


For some reason my inner Tony Robbins (or shall I say Michelle Obama… “they go low, we go high!”) hit me hard today, so I made a video to inspire you when things feel rough or you don’t want to keep going.


One of the most helpful things you can do is realize that doing this work is for a cause so much bigger than yourself. Every little thing you do can inspire other women to create a cultural revolution.


This is so much bigger than you and your body. It’s about respect and equality for all people. And what would be possible if that existed?


Check it out…




You matter. Your voice matters. And you are inspiring others with this work. Don’t forget that!!

What to do when it feels hard