You Have Permission To Be Unapologetically You

SummerBody Image, Self-Love

Sometimes I feel like the most important thing that I give to women is permission.


Permission to be unapologetically you and unconditionally love yourself.


To dance like you’re in a bathtub with a hair dryer with your shoe laces tied together. To sing along to Styx with your windows rolled down in gridlock. To wear a bikini with your rolls, pale freckled skin and cellulite in full view. To stop apologizing for EVERYTHING. To grunt, drool and sweat like a wildebeest when you’re werkin’ it. To cry over a coffee commercial when you have your period.


Permission to ask for what you want.


To tell your asshat co-worker to stop pushing you around. To cancel a date because you’re exhausted and want stretchy pants and Pretty Little Liars. To tell your husband to unload the dishwasher because he doesn’t understand agro-mime-language.


Permission to eat without guilt, judgment or conditions.


To eat a Skor bar because it tastes better than your free-trade organic 99% cocao. To post a picture of your pizza on IG without having to justify it as a ‘something you rarely ever indulge in’ because…who cares! To enjoy a Heineken over a vodka soda because that’s what you felt like drinking. To have 6 meals in a day because you were hungry, not because you earned it. To eat whatever you damn well please because you’re an adult.


When we chain ourselves to other people’s rules and standards, we lose touch with who we really are and what we really want. In this quest for achieving the life that we want, we actually end up denying ourselves permission to have it.


We end up spending our life trying to create a version of ourselves with the singular intention of gaining other people’s approval.


It’s not easy to give yourself permission to buck the system. So I am letting you loose.


I give you permission to own whatever it is that you want and whoever you are.


Freedom is a beautiful thing.


Be Smashing!