Badass Holiday Advent: Day 6

SummerBadass Holiday Advent

Today is Day 6 of the Badass Holiday Advent! If you missed a day, go to the main blog page to get caught up!


Here is how it works: Read below to find your daily intention or prompt. You’ll also see some helpful/inspiring links to read and memes. At the bottom, you’ll find the daily challenge to put your intention into action and this is how you can win prizes!!


Daily Intention:You are a pleasure seeker.

Life is WAY too short to be so friggin serious and boring. Seek out hilarity, joy and pleasure everyday. Even it that means watching a stupid YouTube video for 5 minutes of goats screaming like humans or answering the phone in a monster voice when your mother calls. Set an intention of being silly today.


Read these for more inspiration…

The video I go back to whenever I have a bad day


Look {or Pin} these for more inspiration…

six6.0 6.1 6.3


Today’s Prize Winning Challenge…

The Challenge:Take a 5 minute hilarity break today. Post/send me a link of something you found that’s hilarious!


You can either:

– Post/comment on the Badass Holiday Advent Day 6 thread on my Facebook page

Tweet me with the hashtag #badassholidayadvent

Instagram me @hautesummer with the hashtag #badassholidayadvent

I’ll randomly pick a winner at the end of each day (by midnight EST).


*You must be in the continental US or Canada to get a prize… prizes include things like: – Fun things on Etsy (journals, soaps, rebel inspired gifts!!), my favourite chocolate, Kindle books etc! Prize will be determined based on your location.


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s advent!!

Be Smashing!