Read This When You Have A Bad Body Day…

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I have a cool gift for you!! But first, I want to give you a million scissor kicks of gratitude for all your support in the release of my book Body Image Remix! OMG, you guys…WOW, the book release was insane in my membrane.

Thanks to you, thousands of women (and likely some creepy old men) now have a copy. We hit bestseller status in a few of the categories!! Wheeeeeee! THANK YOU.

During the weeks leading up to the book release, I held an online party in my Facebook community where I posed daily questions to the group. One of the topics was related to compassion—a word I throw around a lot because it’s probably one of the most important weapons to overcoming food and body (and life) shiz.

I asked the group, “What’s one thing you want yourself to know the next time you have a bad body day?”

Sometimes it’s really hard to be nice to yourself when you’re in the depths of a self-loathing spiral (sidenote: check out my 6-step process for dealing with these moments here>>>). Imagine you had 60 women to offer you words of support, kindness and encouragement? Now you do.

The women’s answers were so profound and thoughtful and frankly too good to get lost in a Facebook group. Sooooooo….

I compiled all of the women’s answers into a pretty little file that you can find here>>>

There are 2,431 words to lift you out of a funk when you need it the most. Get the entire list, print it out and read it whenever you need it.

And if you want to be around these kick-ass women all the time, then be sure to join my free private FB community—as you can see, the women are kind of amazing.

Here’s the link to the free download again>>>

Be Smashing!