FRR 108 – Sex, Desirability & Body Image – interview with Dawn Serra

SummerBody Image, Eat the Rules, Self-Love, Self-Worth

In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I’m chatting with Dawn Serra, sex educator, speaker and writer.

We chat all about sex, desirability and pleasure, including the influence of diet culture on our sexual empowerment, the myths of desirability and how to connect with pleasure.

In This Episode, We Chat About

  • The most harmful narrative we learn about pleasure that influences our relationship with sex (and all things pleasure-based),
  • The influence of diet culture on sexual empowerment and pleasure,
  • The myths of desirability and how they shape our relationship with sex and pleasure,
  • How to improve your intimacy with a partner or future partner when you feel insecure in your body,
  • What to do if you don’t feel “attractive,”
  • Specific steps to take to discover what gives you pleasure, desire and arousal and why this supports a healthy body image,
  • Plus so much more!

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