ETR 203: Season 7 Premiere – Are MLMs like diet culture + What to expect this season

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This is the season 7 premiere of Eat the Rules, and I’m giving you a personal update on these past couple months off and talking about what to expect from this season.

I also share some highlights from past seasons to check out if you’re newer to this show, and talk about how MLM’s are like diet culture.

In This Episode, I Talk About

  • Why the podcast hiatus was longer than expected,
  • How incredible it felt to take a social media break and how it helped my creativity,
  • How we don’t talk enough about the challenges of being a person living with a uterus,
  • The parallels between MLM’s and diet culture, including the false sense of feminism and belonging, and the small numbers of success,
  • What Noom is, and how it’s just a diet and sets people up to fail in the same way as other diet programs,
  • The results from my Instagram survey and how they will help shape this season,
  • My most popular episodes that you can check-out if you’re newer to this podcast,
  • Plus so much more!

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