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Because self-worth doesnt have a size.

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Break out of the diet culture cage.
Your body and your life are your own.
Untame yourself.

You,On Fire
you’ll learn how to…

Quit Hating Your Body

So you can make mental space for the things that truly fire you up and give you a sense of passion and purpose.

Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

So you feel complete and worthy no matter what size you are.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Women

So you can appreciate body diversity (including your own), and quit feeling less than every other woman in the room.

Overcome Your Fear Of Weight Gain

So you’re no longer hinging your self-worth on conditional crap you can’t control, because the reality is, your body is going to change over time — and it deserves your love through thick and thin.

Figure Out Who You Really Are And What Makes You So Incredible

(Hint: SO MANY THINGS) now that you’re no longer defined by dieting or your weight.

Master The Art Of Not Giving A Fuck

Because you’re untamed and know that life’s too short to let other people’s opinions rob you of what you want.

Reframe Self-care

So you see it as the necessary fuel for your fire and it feels easy now that words like “motivation” and “I should” are a thing of the past.

Accept Yourself In Pictures

And wink at your reflection in the mirror even on meh or not-so-good days, because your self-worth DOES NOT hinge on your size.

  • Headshot of Erin
    “You, On Fire changed my life. The class took me on a journey towards a life of really living in and loving my body.

    I feel freaking awesome! I don’t want to sound cliche but I feel free!

    So much of my mental real-estate and life is freed up because I’ve learned how to live life in the present.

    I’ve learned how to love and care for my body in a way that works for ME and I’ve learned to grant myself the permission to be the only expert that I care about in terms of any and all types of self care.”Erin

  • Headshot of Heather
    “You, On Fire is a life changing program. Summer is a great coach who helps you get unstuck.

    I am in a much healthier mindset about myself, my body, food, and my whole life, than I have ever been in before.”Heather

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What you get in the self-study

10 training modules

You’ll get access to 10 Training Modules that are broken into bite sized lessons and include an audio training, transcript and missions. Altogether, you’re receiving:

  • 10 Audio Trainings
    So you’ll know exactly what to do to cultivate a positive self-image each and every week.
  • 10 Weekly Playbooks
    These action-packed and fire-igniting missions contain playsheets and exercises, so you can put theory into practice and stop fretting over your body.

  • 10 Transcripts
    Every Audio Training includes Transcripts, so for those times when you’d rather read than listen, I’ve got you covered.

Lifetime access to the materials

This gives you the freedom to revisit the course materials any time you’re craving a refresher or if you feel like redoing the program from scratch any time.

An Invite to upgrade to the live program

You’ll be invited to upgrade to the live program in the future. Should you decide you want to enroll in the live You, On Fire program next year, I’ll apply your investment to the self-study towards your enrollment!

Not to Mention, You’ll get These Fiery Bonus Tutorials

12 Mindset-Shifting Culture-Bending Tutorials from these untamed experts

  • Headshot of Chris Sandel
    “Cultivating Happiness
    In Your Life”
    by Chris Sandel (he/him)
  • Headshot of Sarah Vance
    “Reclaiming Self-Care”
    by Sarah Vance (she/her)
  • Headshot of Kerri-Anne Livingstone
    “Daring to Feel”
    by Keri-Anne Livingstone (she/her)
  • Headshot of Melissa Toler
    “Dieting Is Bodily Injustice”
    by Melissa Toler (she/her)
  • Headshot of Camille DePutter
    “Become Your Own Storyteller”
    by Camille DePutter (she/her)
  • Headshot of Vivienne McMaster
    “Make Selfies Your Ally not Your Enemy in Body Love”
    by Vivienne McMaster (she/her)
  • Headshot of Ivy
    “Navigating Body Acceptance With Chronic Health Issues”
    by Ivy Felicia (she/her)
  • Headshot of Zakiya
    “Unleashing The Sensual Goddess”
    by Zakiya Gayle (she/her)
  • Headshot of Crystal Bougon
    “Making It Hot”
    by Chrystal Bougon (she/her)
  • Headshot of Kaila Carpenter
    “Discovery, not Recovery: How to Move on with Your Life”
    by Kaila Prins (she/her)
  • Headshot of Anette Sloan
    “Teaching Girls To Love Their Bodies – And Themselves”
    by Annette Sloan (she/her)
Image of Summer holding a hammer and stepping on scale

Get a sneak peek at what we cover each week:


Burn The House Of Unrealistic Expectations

  • Let go of the “ideals” that have got you trapped in body shame.
  • Move to a place of ambivalence in your body, so you can start to feel nonchalant when you look in the mirror and accept your imperfections like they’re no big deal.


Self-Worth Beyond the Scale

  • Heating up your self-worth so you have a solid belief in what makes you worthy and it’s completely untethered from the scale.
  • Identifying your personal values, so you can find more fire, pleasure and passion in your life.


Untame Your Instincts

  • How to intuitively eat and move in a way that feels good for your body without beckoning the diet brain.
  • Redefine your relationship to health so that you see it as holistic and multidimensional.
  • “You, On Fire is simply awesome and Summer is a total badass. Before I started this program I was so focused on losing weight that I was putting everything in my life off until I was thinner.

    Since starting the program I’ve made so much progress with looking at myself and others without judgment.

    This isn’t just a program for your body but for every part of your life, once you have even a little confidence you can move forward and make changes in all aspects.”Cate

  • “I encourage everyone with poor body image to join this program.

    It has been so wonderful to have Summer’s support to make changes that have given me more freedom to enjoy life now instead of remaining a prisoner to negative thoughts and feelings around my body and food.”Natalie

Ready to get fiery, get free and live life untamed… BEYOND THE SCALE?

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