ETR 183: How to Trust Yourself Around Food with Caitlin Ball

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Podcast Interview on How to Trust Yourself Around Food with Caitlin Ball
How to Trust Yourself Around Food with Caitlin Ball

In this episode of Eat the Rules, I’m interviewing Caitlin Ball, Health & Lifestyle Coach, about how to trust yourself around food.

We also talk about misconceptions around eating what you want, letting go of guilt, and how to survive the messy middle part of learning to be an intuitive eater.

In This Episode, We Chat About

  • Caitlin’s history with dieting,
  • How moving abroad shifted her relationship with diet culture,
  • How intuitive eating was a life-changing discovery for her,
  • Why eating what you want isn’t too good to be true,
  • The process of taking foods off a pedestal of being better or worse than others,
  • That once previously restricted foods are allowed all the time, you begin to crave more variety in what you eat,
  • That this is not a one and done process, it’s an ongoing learning experience,
  • How being more fed and satisfied on a regular basis is going to make it easier to stop eating when you’re full,
  • The benefit of trying to learn from the times you don’t feel good after eating, instead of feeling guilty about it,
  • That there is so much more to health than just your physical health, and stress is a big factor,
  • How letting go of dieting is easier on your body,
  • That calorie counts have nothing to do with how a food will make you feel,
  • Tips on ways to start finding your body’s happy place,
  • Plus so much more!

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