ETR 184: Diet Culture in Black Communities & Church with Joy Cox, PhD

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Podcast Interview on Diet Culture in Black Communities & Church with Joy Cox, PhD
Diet Culture in Black Communities & Church with Joy Cox, PhD

In this episode of Eat the Rules, I’m interviewing Joy Cox, PhD, researcher and author of Fat Girls in Black Bodies, about diet culture in Black communities.

We also talk about her path to body liberation and how she practices acceptance, how diet culture showed up in her community, church, and in the Black community at large, and how to deal with a lack of support from your family/community.

In This Episode, We Chat About

  • The importance of writing her book about a topic that is often left out of the fat acceptance conversation,
  • The moment in her childhood where Joy began to identify that there was something different about her and that it was causing people to interact with her differently,
  • The impacts of Adultification on Black children,
  • The idealistic standards of women’s bodies in diet culture and how it’s different in the Black community, but just as unrealistic,
  • The many ways food and bodies are talked about in Black collectives, and how it’s just diet culture repurposed in different ways,
  • The intersection of religion and fatphobia, and how hearing scriptures about gluttony creates confusion and frustration,
  • The personal things Joy had to reckon with after parting ways from the church,
  • Her experience standing up to the doctor about weight loss at a young age,
  • The little moments that helped her realized the dangers of diet culture and disordered eating and her experience slowly shifting away from that,
  • How knowledge helped her stop demonizing her body,
  • How Joy practices acceptance by being gentle with herself,
  • The importance of asking yourself “whose voice matters?” and listening to yourself instead of the negativity around you,
  • That everyone may not receive and accept you as you are, but you don’t have to endure that,
  • Plus so much more!

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