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Welcome to the Rock Your Body Spotlight series! Where we meet three inspirational “Rockstars” and hear about their journey to food and body freedom. If you missed it, you can read the first two spotlights here: (Celeste>>>  Erin>>>)


This week, we meet Mia – a coach, entrepreneur and single mom of 2 boys – who did Rock Your Body in May of last year. You can hear her Mia tell her whole story on the Fearless Rebelle Radio podcast on iTunes here>>>  Download here or scroll to the bottom for the in browser player.


Mia is a girl with serious muscle.


One look at her and you won’t be surprised to learn she’s a CrossFit coach, personal trainer, and competitor.


She’s visibly strong. She’s also an independent single mom of two young kids.


So you might even think she’s bulletproof. But you’d be wrong.


For years Mia looked the part of a kick ass athlete. But underneath that ripped exterior was an inner bully telling her she wasn’t good enough. Telling her to diet. Telling her to fear food. And punishing her when she ‘failed.’


Mia was locked in a diet mentality that had her swinging from diet to diet.  Each time she discovered a new trend or program she would go all-in for about 8 weeks. Then give up. Beat herself up. And start all over again with something new.


Sometimes it worked – for a while.


While Mia got leaner, her inner bully got meaner.


At times Mia has had what the media calls “the perfect body.” Yes, she’s had the coveted six-pack abs.


But no matter her size, she never felt good enough.


“When I was skinnier, I was still me. Just lighter,” says Mia. “Having six-pack abs didn’t make me any happier. I was the same person, with the same problems.”


And that inner voice never let up. “I was constantly evaluating my own body. Every trip to the bathroom was a chance to scrutinize myself. I’d lift up my shirt and check for abs. All I could see when I looked in the mirror was my flaws.”


Most of all, Mia was afraid.


“I hardly left the house. I didn’t socialize. I was petrified of food; I didn’t trust myself not to eat everything in sight. So I just stayed away.”


Finally, in an effort to share the truth of what was going on inside, Mia tried something new.


She started to blog.


Being Mia


On her blog, “Being Mia,” she wrote honestly about her food issues. And it was there that Mia started to see a pattern.


She kept going from “eating clean” to bingeing. Back and forth, back and forth.


In relentlessly seeking perfection, she felt like she was constantly failing. She was always on the diet swing. And she wanted to get off.


“Food and my body occupied so much of my headspace I couldn’t think of anything else. I had no room left to think or do other things. I was on a permanent quest for a better body,” recalls Mia.


She wanted herself back.


But she knew she’d need to help to do it. So she turned to me (and Rock Your Body) for guidance.


Move the F on


With my help, Mia stopped the negative self-talk, she got rid of her scale and she started tuning in to her natural hunger cues. In time, she began to trust herself around food.


In fact, she started to trust herself more in general. She found herself taking more risks and trying new things — even beginning a new business venture.


Her new mantra? One of my signature affirmations: “move the F on.”


“I realized that life is too short too obsess about the fact that I just ate a cookie,” says Mia.


“I had to get over this idea of perfection. I’m not striving for perfection anymore. Perfection is like wearing chains. Now I might be heavier, but I’m much lighter on the inside.”


Still not perfect


Of course, this is real life. Working with me wasn’t a cure-all or a quick fix.


Instead, Mia views it as part of her personal quest. It’s ongoing. It’s evolving. And it’s getting better each day.


“I’m not perfect,” says Mia. “I have my moments. But I changed the way I view setbacks. Now I look at failure as a stepping stone to success.”


Quite a change for a woman whose motto used to be, ‘if you can’t do it perfectly, don’t do it at all.’


I didn’t wipe out all her struggles and transform her into a shiny, new, perfect version of herself.


I just helped her to be Mia.


And that, really, is what Mia was seeking all along.



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You can hear her Mia tell her whole story on the Fearless Rebelle Radio podcast on iTunes here>>>  Download here or listen here…



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