FRR 97 – A Client Shares Her Story (Rock Your Body Spotlight: Laurel)

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio I’m catching up with Laurel, one of the amazing women who went through the Rock Your Body program last year.

Laurel is here to tell her story about how she went from being “health and exercise obsessed” to feeling free in her life and body.

Laurel had been following a super restrictive diet and was obsessed with exercise to the point that she was “really burnt out.” She was tired of “doing all the perfect things” and still feeling uncomfortable in her body.

The turning point for Laurel was when she went to a wedding and realized she wasn’t participating fully in her life anymore because of her pre-occupation with food and her body. She realized “she wasn’t fun anymore” and wanted her life back.

Laurel keeps it real by noting that, “It’s not like it was a magical thing. It didn’t happen overnight and it definitely was a lot of work, but I feel like a happy person.”

What helped Laurel was making changes in small increments over time by letting go of her rules and perfectionist thoughts and making space for rest and relaxation. This has led to her feeling much more neutral in her body and she said she, “often feels good about the way she looks.”

She says, “I’m so much more present with my family and that’s pretty awesome.” When asked how it feels, she responded, “It feels amazing. It feels like I wanted to feel when we started. I just wanted to feel like myself – fun and happy – and that’s how I feel now.

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