ETR 230: Rant: 5 Reasons “Eat in Moderation” is Useless Advice

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Podcast interview: 5 reasons "eat in moderation" is useless advice
Podcast interview on food freedom

In this episode of Eat the Rules, I’m running solo ranting about the 5 reasons why eating in moderation is useless advice.

I also explore what moderation means, how this phrase is actually just dieting disguised, and questions to ask yourself when you’re about to eat.

In This Episode, We Talk About

  • The Instagram post that inspired this episode,
  • How “eat is moderation” is framed as not a diet, but is actually code for dieting,
  • That moderation is up for interpretation, but usually lines up to rules and limitations,
  • How fitness and health professionals use this language to avoid talking about dieting,
  • How this implies that we can’t control ourselves, which feeds into fatphobia,
  • That appetite and food needs vary day to day,
  • That not honouring our needs ignores our satiety,
  • How anti-fat bias and fatphobia mess up the way we think about food,
  • Tips for overcoming the scarcity mindset,
  • How this advice often backfires,
  • Questions to ask yourself when you’re about to eat,
  • Plus so much more!

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