ETR 191: Body Image Series: Weight Set Point Theory & You

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Podcast in the Body Image Series - Weight Set Point Theory & You

In this episode of Eat the Rules, I’m continuing the body image series, talking about the weight set point theory.

I explore what it is, how dieting impacts it, and why using it as a goal weight can be problematic to healing your relationship to food and your body.

In This Episode, I Chat About

  • What the weight set point theory is,
  • How we don’t have as much control over our weight as we’ve been led to believe,
  • The factors that can influence our body size and how they’re mostly out of our control,
  • How dieting impacts our set point,
  • How a HAES approach can help you learn to trust your body,
  • Why the idea of a set point can trigger the diet mentality,
  • Why we need to disconnect with the idea of a goal weight,
  • What to focus on instead of getting to your set point,
  • That there is a grieving process involved in moving forward,
  • Why our happiness and acceptance can’t be conditional on achieving a certain body size,
  • Plus so much more!

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