I smashed a scale and I liked it…

SummerHealth, Ranting and Raving

Yesterday I had pictures taken for the website makeover project…coming Summer 2013.  For the shoot, I wanted to visually show my hatred for all things diet.  So I did this…

Smashing a scale

…I basically went Brittany Spears circa 2006/2006.  I sledge-hammered a scale, tore apart a weight watchers cookbook, ripped a picture of Chloe Kardashian in half (because she can ‘finally wear a bikini!’) and kicked the crap out of low-fat processed garbage….all in 4 inch stiletto heels.


I went into the shoot thinking it would be super fun and hilarious….and it was.  BUT, something else happened…. I felt this release of anger and frustration for all these things that have made me and every other woman feel self-conscious, shameful and hate for their bodies.


Smashing the scale into pieces over and over with a 10 pound sledgehammer was like feeling the sun on my face after 6 months of a hellish Canadian winter….it was glorious.


These things do nothing to help us feel good.  Period.  They only contribute to making us restrict and deprive ourselves.  Reminding us that we should feel guilty for not being a certain weight or size.  F*ck that noise.


It’s time we had a revolution and waged war against the things that make us feel inadequate like the bra burning protests in the ‘60s.


So gather your scales, SPANX, fitness magazines, clothes that don’t fit anymore, weight watcher’s point guides, packs of Splenda and any other object that has kept you shackled to your low self-esteem in the past or present…. Burn them, smash them, rip them…whatever floats your boat.  Destroy them and let the aggression out.  Putting them ‘away’ or hiding them doesn’t do the trick.  Get American Psycho with it.


Only then can you release the stress that is holding you back from living with freedom, bliss and the upmost confidence.


My challenge for you: destroy something like a piñata at a 10 year old’s birthday party.  I dare you!  And I beg you to send me proof…  I would seriously love you for that.


PS: I’m actually a really positive and happy person…we took lots of those photos too, although I’m sure they’re not nearly as entertaining.


Be Smashing!